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Overcome the five retail challenges to achieving observability at scale

Successful digital transformation among retailers requires every application and digital service, and the dynamic multi-cloud platforms they run on, to work perfectly. All the time. In fact, it can cost you customers otherwise. According to mobile app developer Dot Com Infoway, 62% of people uninstall an app if they experience mobile crashes, freezes, or errors.

But these dynamic, highly distributed cloud-native technologies are fundamentally different than their predecessors. The resulting complexity brought on by microservices, containers, and software-defined cloud infrastructure is overwhelming at web scale. It’s all beyond the limits of human teams to manage and scale on their own.

This ebook provides ways to overcome some of the challenges that plague retailers, including:

  • Complexity of dynamic multi-cloud environments
  • Monitoring dynamic microservices and containers in real-time
  • Managing data volumes and alerts
  • Siloed teams
  • Identifying efforts that have the biggest business impacts

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