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End-to-end distributed tracing at scale

Capture and analyze distributed tracing data across the full stack from cloud native to mainframe at scale, powered by PurePath® and Grail®.

Experience the next generation of
distributed tracing

Optimize applications with full stack visibility

  • Automatically discover dynamic instances with support for serverless and containerized ecosystems
  • Get the full picture with real user data in context with traces, metrics, logs, and security details
  • Understand topological relationships and dependencies for all ecosystems (cloud, on-prem, hybrid)
  • Cover everything with an extensible open ecosystem that seamlessly ingests OpenTelemetry data

Pinpoint problems with deep dive analysis

  • Analyze failures and outliers by querying petabytes of trace data in real time
  • Leverage code-level profiling to get instant insights into traces and exceptions
  • Enrich trace data with profiling information, errors, logs, and meta-data including OpenTelemetry attributes
  • Capture and use attributes from your workloads to filter traces without any code changes

Resolve errors and performance issues faster with Davis AI

  • Automate problem baselining for errors (failure rate) and slowdowns (request duration)
  • Understand what failed and why using the power of causal AI to determine the root-cause problems
  • Easily identify trends using exploratory analytics and predictive AI to analyze trace data
  • Prioritize problem resolutions with business impact metrics

Discover Unknown Unknowns

  • Analyze trace data in context, including traces, logs, metrics and topology data
  • Run custom analytics in notebooks on any trace detail (span attributes)
  • Create specialized dashboards by combining all observability signals
  • Maximize application performance with instant identification of performance outliers
  • Execute automated workflows based on trace data with Dynatrace's AutomationEngine
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Leverage 650+ integrations

Enhance application observability with Dynatrace patented technologies, easy data ingest and support for open-source solutions.

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