Synthetic monitoring

Dynatrace synthetic monitoring provides all the information you need to understand your service levels, system availability and the availability of key business transactions

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Synthetic monitoring screenshot
Synthetic monitoring screenshot

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Successful digital experience requires immediate answers to



of mobile users abandon session if longer than 3 seconds to load



of users will not return after negative experience

Root Cause


of customer expect online help resolution within 5 minutes

Less than 3% of incidents are found before affecting users

Get proactive with Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate, measure and compare your mobile and web channels using a best-in-class network with low latency, high throughput, and highly redundant to monitor performance from the geographies where your customers are located and emulate real user behavior from around the world.

Synthetic Monitoring

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Dynatrace synthetic monitoring has changed our perception of what we can do. It's cleaner, efficient and reliable. Ultimately, synthetic testing has allowed us to get the big picture in one place with ease.”
Jourdan McClure, Sr Sys Engineer at First Tech Federal Credit Union

Simulate business-critical customer journeys

Using our unique web-based recorder, easily click through and record the business-critical transactions most important to your business and customers.

  • Monitor critical workflows without scripting, using a simple web-based recorder.
  • Play back scripted transactions, including all the screen, keyboard, and mouse interactions that your real users perform.
  • Capture business transactions and run them from real browsers.

Simply record your clickpaths

Stay on top with competitive benchmarking

Benchmark your site’s performance directly against your competition to know exactly where you stand.

  • Optimize your performance with techniques used by industry leaders to achieve superior results.
  • Benchmark your site’s performance against the competition’s key pages and transactions in real time.
  • Compare application performance from the end-user perspective using last mile and mobile benchmarks.

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SLA monitoring—Monitor your application 24/7

Ensure that your web application is available and performs well from anywhere in the world to meet your SLAs.

  • Ensure that your key web, mobile, cloud, and streaming pages and transactions perform properly from all customer locations, all the time.
  • Dynatrace uses all major desktop and mobile browsers to comprehensively simulate customer journeys from thousands of locations around the world.

Get meaningful SLA monitoring reports out of the box.

Manage CDN and third party performance by drilling down into performance issues.

Manage CDN and 3rd party performance

  • Ensure SLA compliance between IT, business stakeholders, and third parties.
  • Gather response time and availability by third-party object or host.
  • Quantify the benefits that different CDNs provide in your key geographies.

Proactive problem analysis

  • Eliminate manual troubleshooting through automation: Analyze hundreds of test executions, thousands of objects, millions of dependencies and billions of events in just seconds!
  • Rank problems by importance—issues that impact service quality appear at the top of the list.
  • Integrate with Slack, VictorOps, Opsgenie, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, and more. Dynatrace is ChatOps and ITSM friendly!

Reduce hours of manual troubleshooting down to seconds with our breakthrough analytics engine.

Digital experience monitoring with Dynatrace

  • User Group

Real user monitoring

Gain full observability into all activity from every mobile and web application user across all devices and browsers.

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  • Actions per session

Synthetic monitoring

Simulate, measure and compare your mobile and web channels using a best-in-class network with low latency, high throughput, and highly redundant.

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  • Automated

Session replay

Session replay captures and visually replays the complete digital experience for every user across browsers, interfaces and devices.

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Light the way

You need built-in expertise to lead the way—and we’ve got it. The Digital Experience Insights service is designed to drive an active performance optimization strategy and culture with synthetic testing technology, even if you don’t have a lot of time or resources in-house. Start today and unleash your maximum potential.

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Named a leader for the 11th time

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