Continuous delivery analytics for metrics-driven innovation

Push new code into production reliably and quickly

Continuous innovation with fact-based feedback loops

Dynatrace tracks every build moving through your delivery pipeline, every operations deployment, all user behavior, and impact on your supporting infrastructure. Through analytics and artificial intelligence you can start building what users want, remove what’s not needed, and optimize the remaining system to be lean, agile, and innovative.

  • Identify customer behavior, per application or feature
  • Optimize hotspots to reduce operational costs
  • Remove technical and business debt to stay lean and agile


How to Use DevOps & APM to Release Better Software Faster

Register for our on-demand webinar How to Use DevOps & APM to Release Better Software Faster to hear Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute share their practical insight on how full lifecycle monitoring and auto-provisioning with Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, etc., lets them catch failures earlier.

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DevOps: Hidden Risks and How to Achieve Results

DevOps leaders are 2.5x more likely to exceed profitability, market share, and productivity goals. Download our free eBook DevOps: Hidden Risks and How to Achieve Resultsno registration required—to learn what makes these leaders successful and get expert practical guidance on how to turn your IT organization into a competitive advantage.

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Measure More Frequent Successful Software Releases

Need a more rapid deployment model but not sure if you can technically deliver? Read this blog post to learn which critical success factors to measure and monitor whether you're moving in the right direction.

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“Dynatrace has helped bridge the gap between upper management and engineers, mainly by giving visibility into transactions… which hop across different applications… stitching them together and giving an overall view.”
Senthil Arumugam, Senior DevOps Engineer at Intuit

Accelerate your pipeline with fact-based feedback loops

Deploying with the speed of the digital marketplace requires an automated delivery pipeline. Dynatrace tracks all key technical metrics from each developer workstation all the way through CI/CD into Ops. Through fact-based feedback, you can stop faulty builds before they reach production and start deploying software faster at higher quality.

  • Identify bad code changes before executing GIT COMMIT in your IDE
  • Stop broken builds earlier in your delivery pipeline
  • Detect architectural regressions with automated tests
  • Deploy with confidence
Dynatrace automatically detects common architectural, scalability, and performance problems.
Identify and stop faulty builds and poor quality trends earlier in your pipeline.
Embed Dynatrace with your IDE and stop bad-code commits.

Dynatrace seamlessly integrates with your DevOps tools

Enable DevOps culture by establishing a common language

Dynatrace provides teams across the enterprise—from developers, to operations, to business owners—with a common set of metrics and dashboards that everyone can understand and reference. Such a single source of truth, available at all points along the delivery pipeline, fosters collaboration, higher quality deployments and happier colleagues.

  • Dynatrace seamlessly integrates with your existing software delivery tools
  • Smart monitoring for containers, microservices, clouds, databases, and legacy apps
  • Automatic problem detection and artificial intelligence make all of us performance experts
  • One-click metric definition and sharing enables developers, testers, architects, DevOps, and business owners to see the data they need
Customize dashboards to provide actionable data to developers, testers, architects, DevOps, and business owners—all from the same dataset.
Fully automate Dynatrace via our REST APIs.
One-click instrumentation and metrics generation—even from your IDE.

Starting your DevOps journey: Practical tips for Ops

Companies practicing DevOps have 3X fewer failures in production and 24X faster MTTR. But most IT departments still haven’t adopted DevOps practices—simply because they don’t know how to get started. Sign up for our latest webinar Starting your DevOps journey: Practical tips for Ops to join Dynatrace Chief DevOps Activist Andi Grabner to learn practical tips and insights that would take you months or years to acquire firsthand on your own. Find out how to:

  • Use APM to better understand SLAs, performance, and how apps impact end users
  • Leverage metrics to "shift-left" your testing and QA

If your DevOps adoption is stuck in analysis paralysis, this is a must-see!

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Check out our full library of 60+ on-demand webinars here!

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