Dynatrace and Ixia team up to provide scalable end-to-end network visibility. Deep and wide visibility into physical and virtual networks of any size.

Ixia network visibility technology enhances Dynatrace application performance management capabilities by extending access to network traffic across physical and virtual network deployments of any size.

Traffic is aggregated from all network access points that require monitoring, for comprehensive end-to-end visibility—enabling enterprise customers to identify and correct application issues before they affect the user experience.

Ixia Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) sit between network access points and the Dynatrace monitoring solution, simultaneously aggregating traffic from multiple SPANs and taps and directing corresponding packets and NetFlow records to Dynatrace for analysis.

Traffic is aggregated from all needed access points in the physical and virtual network for comprehensive visibility.

Ixia complements Dynatrace by: