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Snyk & Dynatrace

Dynatrace’s unique AI-powered full stack monitoring, along with Snyk’s application security platform, help you identify & prevent code vulnerabilities across your tech stack

Together, Dynatrace & Snyk...

  • Identify vulnerabilities and license issues in code in real-time
  • Determine root cause of security issues
  • Map impacted services and applications
  • Prioritize remediation to minimize impact

Dynatrace and Snyk together

Here’s how it works...

  1. Dynatrace pinpoints if vulnerable code is called in production applications.

  2. Snyk vulnerability intelligence is automatically linked to the Dynatrace problem.

  3. Severity and impact of vulnerability is diagnosed.

  4. Snyk offers remediation guidance, executed via Dynatrace and third-party tools.

Dynatrace and Snyk together

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