WALTHAM, Mass., November 29, 2022 – Software Intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT) announced today its platform natively supports AWS Compute Optimizer, a service that uses customers’ utilization data to provide recommendations on provisioning Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources for improved resource utilization. This support enables the Dynatrace® platform to automatically capture and analyze all Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances in customers’ AWS environments in near-real time and use Dynatrace causal AIOps and automation capabilities to continuously optimize Amazon EC2 consumption for cost, service reliability, and performance. This offering builds on the Dynatrace platform’s ability to automatically capture full-stack observability metrics, with continuous topology and dependency mapping, to power intelligent and automated cloud modernization at scale. 

“As we continue to accelerate our digital transformation, access to best-in-class solutions like Dynatrace and AWS are critical to our success,” said Alex Hibbitt, Group SRE Director at albelli-Photobox Group. “Extending Dynatrace’s AI-powered insights and automation to AWS Compute Optimizer will help to further enhance our digital services. It also enables us to maximize the impact of our resources and technology investments, fueling innovation and driving measurable impact on our company’s bottom line.”  

“Dynatrace is proud to work with AWS to help customers modernize and automate cloud operations,” said Bob Wambach, Vice President of Product Marketing at Dynatrace. “Extending our advanced observability, AIOps, and automation capabilities to power AWS Compute Optimizer enables our joint customers to prevent performance issues, avoid costly over-provisioning, and operate more efficiently so they can focus on what matters most – accelerating innovation and delivering exceptional digital experiences.” 

“To achieve an elastic, well-architected cloud environment, organizations must be able to optimize their usage of cloud resources,” said Rick Ochs, Principal Product Manager of Optimizations at AWS. “With the Dynatrace platform’s support of AWS Compute Optimizer, we provide our customers with memory-aware rightsizing so they can increase operational efficiency and get the most out of AWS.” 

Dynatrace’s service is generally available today. Please visit the Dynatrace blog for additional details.