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Dynatrace for AWS Compute Optimizer

AWS Compute Optimizer now includes third-party metrics to further power user insights surrounding memory usage in Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) Instances.

Today, AWS Compute Optimizer has expanded its metric ingest beyond Cloudwatch, which will be announced at the Amazon re:Invent 2022 conference in Las Vegas November 28-December 2.

AWS Compute Optimizer now includes third-party metrics to further power user insights surrounding memory usage in Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) Instances. Now offering a native integration with the AWS offering, Dynatrace can dynamically send memory metrics on monitored EC2 instances across AWS environments. This gives users the critical, real-time insights to continuously right-size memory allocation within EC2 instances to scale up or down based on use for improved application performance and reduced cloud costs.

How AWS Compute Optimizer works

When IT teams deploy Dynatrace OneAgent to an AWS environment, it continuously discovers new EC2 instances as they come online—without additional, manual configuration—and provides memory consumption metrics so users can readily see how much memory is being used per EC2 instance, in addition to contextual insights into what apps are running on each instance and the potential impact to overutilized memory among services and dependencies.

How AWS Compute Optimize works

As Dynatrace detects memory usage—whether over or under allocated—these metrics are automatically streamed via application programming interface to AWS Compute Optimizer and associated to the respective EC2 instances as auto-tagged by Dynatrace. In AWS Compute Optimizer, users can now see these memory metrics from Dynatrace mapped to each EC2 instance.

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Right-sizing for overprovisioned memory

In the event that memory is overprovisioned, Dynatrace metrics now trigger AWS Compute Optimizer to recommend a down-sizing of memory to reduce overhead and cloud cost by using only the memory required to support the apps running on that particular instance.

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Right-sizing for underprovisioned memory

While overprovisioning memory boosts cloud costs, underprovisioning memory to EC2 instances can degrade app and service availability, performance, or, at worst, result in downtime. In this case, when Dynatrace detects more memory is required than has been allocated while also indicating the impact on apps and services, these metrics as streamed into AWS Compute Optimizer will then recommend increasing the amount of memory required for the EC2 instance to support what is required for the apps in it to operate performatively and reliably.

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By automatically and intelligently capturing memory consumption and metrics of EC2 instances, even within the largest of complex enterprise environments, teams can now assume greater control and automated actions of their AWS environments to optimize against compute spend and service requirements. This new offering, combined with the nearly 100 additional AWS services natively supported by Dynatrace, delivers an observability platform solution that empowers AWS customers to make more informed, intelligent, and automated decisions to maximize their cloud resource use.

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