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How Dynatrace uses Dynatrace to combat the Log4j vulnerability (Log4Shell)

Log4Shell vulnerability discovery and mitigation require automatic and intelligent observability

What is Log4Shell? The Log4j vulnerability explained (and what to do about it)

Identify and minimize production risk of Log4Shell

Dynatrace introduces automatic vulnerability management for PHP

Automated DevSecOps release validation ensures security by default

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Dynatrace introduces security gates, bringing automation and intelligence to DevSecOps

Dynatrace Adds Security Gates to Advance DevSecOps Adoption

Vulnerability assessment: Protecting applications and infrastructure

Container security: What it is, why it’s tricky, and how to do it right

Dynatrace Application Security extends automatic vulnerability management to .NET

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Dynatrace extends Application Security to .NET

What is DevSecOps? And what you need to do it well

4 Key Priorities for Automating Application Security

Dynatrace Applies AI to Surface App Vulnerabilities

Dynatrace enhances application security with AI-powered vulnerability prioritisation

Dynatrace enhances application security with AI-powered vulnerability prioritisation

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Dynatrace enhances application security with AI-powered vulnerability prioritization

Davis Security Advisor extends Dynatrace Application Security with automatic vulnerability prioritization

Dynatrace Enhances Application Security With AI-Powered Vulnerability Prioritization

CISO Research: Traditional application security measures are broken

Majority of Orgs Lack Visibility Into Container Vulnerabilities

What is web application security? Preventing open-source vulnerabilities

The White House Executive Order on Cybersecurity: How Dynatrace observability delivers on three essential directives