“Wait for next action” clickpath setting

When playing back actions in the form of a recorded clickpath web check, sometimes certain content elements can take longer to render than the load time of the page. To improve this workflow we’ve introduced a new type of wait called wait for next action, which does exactly as its name suggests. This type of wait is especially useful for login pages, credit card authentication pages, and other pages that require lengthy rendering before business-critical elements are available for interaction.

While it’s been possible for some time now to configure clickpath web checks using the Wait for element  setting, it hasn’t always been clear which content element Dynatrace should wait for before continuing on with the next clickpath action. The Wait for next action setting ensures that the page is fully loaded and that all necessary network content is downloaded before initiating the next clickpath action.

Wait for next action2

To use the Wait for next action setting:

  1. Click the Web checks tile on the Dynatrace homepage.
  2. Select a web check.
  3. Click Edit web check in the menu bar.
  4. Scroll down to the action you want to configure and click Edit to view the settings.
  5. From the How long should Dynatrace wait… list, select Wait for next action.