SAS Chooses Dynatrace to Eliminate Silos in their Digital Transformation

As more organizations seek to maximize the power of digital technology in order to maintain or capture further market share, the topic of breaking or eliminating silos is one which constantly presents itself as one of the key challenges for Digital Transformation. At this year’s Dynatrace user-conference, Perform 2018 held in Las Vegas, NV back in January, Stephen Cuppet from SAS, leader in advanced analytics software, gave a very compelling presentation where he outlined the challenges of silos in an organization implementing a digital transformation strategy, as well as the specific pitfalls to avoid.

According to Stephen, his Director had explained their commitment to Digital Transformation in an analogy as “going to Dallas”, saying, “we’re all going together; if you don’t want to go, get off now!” The background was that in 2005, SAS built what they would term as a “traditional software suite” which they had been working on for 10 years after, with a release-cycle of 1 to 2 years, and the accompanying marketing activities and customer shipment delivery one would expect. The need for this transformation presented itself, as the next release of the SAS product would be Cloud-based and needed the ability to handle a myriad of new channels (social media, mobile, IoT etc) and would have a rigorous release-cycle of once a month.

While this new enterprise was exciting to the team of long-standing employees with a wealth of experience in their existing product, it also posed some serious challenges…namely that no one knew quite how to get started. After some soul-searching and learning from some experts in the field of digital transformation, SAS identified some silos which could potentially challenge, if not derail, their commitment to this digital transformation. In order to eliminate these silos, SAS realized there were 3 key areas which would allow them to surpass these silos, particularly through:

  • Automation
  • Performance and Monitoring
  • Collaboration

As Stephen put it; “you cant automate what you don’t know”, and this is exactly where the Dynatrace solution came into play for SAS. With this new architecture, SAS needed a company to not only assist with the automation, but also to provide the background and information through cross-functional monitoring, which would allow them to understand their entire architecture, performance and the new Cloud environment. Dynatrace was able to accomplish this through our “one agent” solution, which provides robust monitoring across applications, groups and architectures. This actually reduced the amount of data SAS began to monitor continuously…since they were now monitoring the information that was critical to this business transformation, and keeping this data in context. This shifted SAS to the new “proactive” vs “reactive” culture, specifically through Dyntrace’s anomaly detection which allowed all teams to be notified about any product issues, who could then take the appropriate actions (i.e. notifying the customers); thus breaking the previous silo of having this issue solely with support.

You can watch Stephen’s entire presentation in the video in the player below:

This is just one of the many compelling stories and real-life use cases that our customers have shared with us at the Perform 2018 conference in Las Vegas. To watch even more stories around Business Transformation, we invite you to register and join us for Perform Europe taking place May 23-25, 2018 at the W Hotel in Barcelona.

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