Receive notification of outages in Dynatrace infrastructure via email

Dynatrace maintains a service status page where we report on any incidents that occur in the Dynatrace infrastructure. You can check this page anytime for announcements of incidents. As this approach requires that you proactively check the status page to learn about issues in our monitoring infrastructure, we now offer an email subscription service so that you can be notified directly about incidents via email.

Subscriptions are user-specific and can be configured from your Dynatrace user profile page. In the Receive environment-outage notifications section of page, you can see a list of your monitoring environments and a switch for enabling notifications via email. Dynatrace only sends an email to you if your monitoring environment is on a cluster that encounters an incident. If your user account has access to multiple environments, you can manage notifications for each environment separately.

User profile page with switch for opting in to email notifications

If an incident is announced by the Dynatrace team on our status page, we’ll check if your environment is affected by the incident and send out an email to the email address specified in your user profile.

Dynatrace incident sample email

The email contains a link to the status page where you can find details about the incident, status, root cause, etc.

Incident details on Dynatrace status page

By subscribing to outage-notification emails, you’ll eliminate the need to check the Dynatrace status page manually and you’ll learn about incidents affecting your monitoring environment as early as possible.