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Our Mission, Purpose, and Vision

I was excited to take on the CEO role at Dynatrace for four primary reasons:

  1. The enormous addressable market — the need for digital transformation has never been greater
  2. Our world-class and highly differentiated technology and products
  3. The exemplary performance of the company
  4. The over 3,500 tremendously talented employees who work here.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to learn much more about what makes Dynatrace so unique, through individual interactions, town halls, and meetings around the world. I have met with hundreds of employees, customers, investors, partners, analysts, and others who provided input on what drives their engagement with Dynatrace, why we exist, and what we make possible.

We have leveraged these conversations to update our mission, purpose, and vision — simple yet powerful tenets that establish a common understanding of who we are, what differentiates us, and where we are heading. These principles unite us around our shared goals as well as our approach to current and future strategies. They also help elevate our conversations to not just what we do, but also why we do it and how this enhances people’s lives. Here is an overview of each of them:

Mission is what we do every day in service of our purpose — it is our differentiator.
Purpose is why we exist and the impact we have on the world — it illuminates our passion.
Vision is the outcome we seek to deliver to the world — it fulfills our mission and purpose.

Our Mission — We deliver answers and intelligent automation from data

Dynatrace products go well beyond getting data into dashboards. Our platform combines broad and deep observability and continuous runtime application security with advanced AIOps to provide answers and intelligent automation from data at an enormous scale. The Dynatrace platform provides situational awareness of your cloud ecosystem at all times and in real time to give you the confidence that your organization is operating as you expect it to.

Our Purpose — To enable flawless and secure digital interactions

Digital transformation is now ubiquitous. It combines people, technology, and processes to enable organizations to innovate faster and execute with more agility. Such transformation, however, also brings monumental complexity in the connections between people and machines as well as machine to machine. At Dynatrace, we want to facilitate billions of flawless and secure interactions despite this complexity through instant learning to enable software to become self-healing. We want to deliver a world that keeps data safe and applications and clouds running as expected, which requires end-to-end causal and contextual understanding for zero-moment response.

Our Vision — A world where software works perfectly

Only when we fulfill our purpose, without exception and with zero downtime, will we realize our vision of a world in which software works perfectly. This level of perfection is aspirational, but it is precisely what is expected, both by those providing software as well as those consuming it. We’re investing aggressively to produce the most advanced software intelligence platform on the planet to enable bulletproof software delivery.

I am inspired by our mission, purpose, and vision, and I am excited about their positive impact on the message we deliver to our customers and other stakeholders. Only Dynatrace can provide the degree of observability, precision of answers and application security, and scale of automation needed to power today’s modern cloud ecosystems.

Our future has never been brighter, and our ability to contribute meaningfully to the success of our customers is upon us — right now.

It’s an exciting time to be engaged with Dynatrace!

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