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Dynatrace proud to receive the Ally Technology Velocity with Quality award

To provide a "best-in-class digital banking experience," the team at Ally Bank needed real-time insight into customer experiences without breaking the bank. But multiple high-cost monitoring solutions left them with big bills and little to show. Now, Ally Bank presents Dynatrace with its Ally Velocity with Quality award to recognize how unified observability, AI, and analytics helped the bank gain critical customer experience insights while saving it millions of dollars.

We’re proud to announce that Ally Financial has presented Dynatrace with its Ally Technology Velocity with Quality award. Ally Financial is the home of the nation’s largest all-digital bank and is an industry-leading auto financing business.

This is the second time Ally Financial has presented its Ally Technology Partner Awards. Specifically, the company recognized five third-party suppliers for delivering outstanding service excellence across various criteria that align with Ally’s core values and performance standards. These criteria include operational excellence, security and data privacy, speed to market, and disruptive innovation.

High monitoring costs and limited visibility drive the need for innovation

Ally Financial uses AI-powered observability for monitoring and automating its technology stack, from its cloud and on-premises infrastructure to its applications and customer digital experiences.

But as a company with a mission to “Do It Right” and be a relentless ally for customers and communities, the high-cost monitoring solutions it was using provided only limited insights into end-user experiences. Ally’s goal was to reduce the number of monitoring tools it was using and its annual spend while gaining better, more actionable—and more automatable—insights into systems that affect customer experiences.

Full-stack observability resolved problems, consolidated tools, and reduced costs

Ally became a Dynatrace customer in 2023. Within hours of starting Dynatrace, the team was solving long-standing problems. They quickly adopted full-stack monitoring and real user monitoring (RUM). With the insights they gained, the team expanded into developing workflow automations using log management and analytics powered by the Grail data lakehouse. As a result, Ally is driving a new level of operational efficiency and saving millions in annual licensing costs.

“We partnered with the Dynatrace team to consolidate our observability stack, allowing us to enrich metrics, logs, events, and traces with predictive analytics in a unified fashion across all channels,” said Jason McMunn, Director of System Engineering at Ally Financial. “This resulted in significant savings and much faster ROI. Moreover, we’re able to build automated workflows that help our teams resolve problems, operate more collaboratively and efficiently, deliver software faster, and delight our customers with world-class digital customer experiences.”

For Dynatrace, the Ally award is a cause for end-to-end celebration. “We’re excited Ally Financial has recognized Dynatrace as its Technology Partner of the Year,” said Matthias Dollentz-Scharer, Chief Customer Officer at Dynatrace. “Ally is an agile, modern financial services enterprise that has etched unified observability, AI, and analytics into the core of its cloud strategy. Indeed, by helping their team achieve an end-to-end view of their entire cloud environment—including front-end applications, mobile app experiences, and underlying infrastructure—we are proud to help Ally redefine digital banking.”

The innovation is mutual

The Ally Technology Partner Awards are a way for the company to acknowledge its exceptional partners. “We are proud to honor the vendor partners that play a significant role in our achievements at Ally through the Ally Technology Partner Awards,” said Sathish Muthukrishnan, chief information, data, and digital officer at Ally Financial. “Superior execution, quality, and partnership are showcased by each winner, which we value here at Ally as we aim to provide a best-in-class digital banking experience.”

Earlier this year, Dynatrace presented Ally Financial with its own award as our first Digital Breakout Performer. We present the award to customers who have begun their journey with Dynatrace in the last 12 months and immediately recognize a tremendous return on investment from unified observability, AI, and analytics.

Ally Technical Velocity with Quality award promises more innovation ahead

Receiving the Ally Technical Velocity with Quality award confirms the Dynatrace commitment to delivering customers the tools and technologies they need to make software work perfectly.

Dynatrace is especially proud to support innovators like Ally Financial. “The team at Ally is driving incredible efficiency as they continue to consolidate monitoring tools,” Dollentz-Scharer said. “Ally continues to push the envelope to further monitor their cloud infrastructure costs. I’m thrilled to see what’s in store for Ally Financial.”