Securing Cloud-native Applications

The way modern apps are developed and run is changing at light speed, and traditional tools for securing them just can’t keep up.

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Dynamic multiclouds and agile methodologies have broken cloud application security

Traditional approaches to application security can’t keep up with constantly changing multicloud environments and fast-moving DevSecOps processes, causing blind spots and uncertainty about exposures and their impact on cloud-native applications.

Most application security tools require manual configuration, take a long time to produce results, and can’t distinguish between a vulnerability that is a real exposure vs. a potential exposure—so they alert on all of them. As a result, your developers waste precious time and, software innovations slow down.

In the production environment, most vulnerability scanners miss scanning containers in Kubernetes clusters that spin up and down rapidly. They also have no knowledge of your production environment, therefore can’t distinguish between a vulnerability that’s exposed to the Internet vs. one that’s protected by a firewall. As a result, you get a poor understanding of your real level of risk.

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How application security should work for modern cloud environments

Application Security circle

Application security should be completely automated to keep pace with dynamic clouds and rapid software development practices.

  • No manual installation

  • No manual configuration

  • No manual invocation

Application security should be comprehensive in scope.

  • Works in multicloud and hybrid cloud environments

  • Works with traditional hosts, cloud workloads, containers and Kubernetes

  • Aggregates real-time information across all environments

Application security should provide accurate and insightful information, not just partial data.

  • Understands what’s happening inside each application at runtime in order to distinguish real vulnerabilities vs. potential vulnerabilities

  • Understands true exposures based on application dependencies and network topologies

  • Assesses business risk based on vulnerabilities, exposures, and asset value

A new era in cloud application security powered by AI and automation, and optimized for Kubernetes and DevSecOps

Dynatrace® Application Security solves all of the problems described above by providing automated runtime vulnerability detection and risk assessment for cloud-native applications across the entire software development lifecycle and in every operating environment, including dynamic multiclouds and Kubernetes clusters. Using proven Dynatrace OneAgent and Davis AI technologies, Dynatrace Application Security gives the C-suite confidence in the security of their cloud-native applications, while accelerating innovation by automating many of the manual security processes that DevSecOps teams are currently struggling with.

Dynatrace Application Security is the latest addition to Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform. As such, it requires zero additional deployment effort, no configurations, no new agents, no scripts, and is 100% automatic.

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Deploy confidently with continuous automatic coverage for dynamic containerized cloud-native stacks

  • Run fast and be secure. Our automated, real-time security aligns with your DevSecOps speed and your cloud automation practices.
  • Eliminate vulnerability blind spots with 100% automated deployment in both production and pre-production.
  • Automatically keep up with changes, including multi-version deployments, runtime container updates, rollbacks, and elastic scaling with real-time detection, alerting, and re-validation.

Application Security vulnerabilities

Prevent, identify and resolve exposures faster with precise risk and impact assessment

  • Understand the true risk of each vulnerability. Davis AI automatically generates a unique risk score for each potential vulnerability by combining information from Snyk’s vulnerability database with Dynatrace Smartscape topology and PurePath® attack vector analysis.
  • Save 70% of the time your developers spend on remediation, and thereby accelerate software delivery.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in Kubernetes infrastructure and applications running in containers, virtual machines, and traditional servers.
  • Prioritize “crown-jewel” protection through automatic service flow analysis from publicly available data.
  • Speed vulnerability remediation by identifying the required upgrades and/or potential workarounds through native integration with Snyk.
  • Act rapidly and collaborate for fast resolution by understanding impact with service-flow, root-cause, real-user-sessions, and log/event data, all in context.

Service Flow showing requests executed in background threads

Focus DevSecOps teams on resolving vulnerabilities that matter and reduce false positives

Eliminate false positives and dev-team distractions through intelligent runtime analysis, filtering, and prioritization to:

  • Focus on exposures that are production relevant, and easily rule out others.
  • Fix high priority vulnerabilities first, such as the risk of sensitive data access and more.
  • Stop wasting engineers’ time fixing irrelevant vulnerabilities.
  • Improve the relationship between the security team and developers

Shift-left and:

  • Secure continuous delivery and automated clouds, with programmability through APIs.
  • Implement DevSecOps and easier cross-functional collaboration with embedded automated security.
  • Eliminate manual configuration with continuous, automatic runtime analysis through OneAgent.


Runtime application self-protection (RASP) powered by the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform

  • As compute environments and software architectures change, security must do the same. A new approach is now possible, based on the convergence of observability and security.
  • Dynatrace Application Security leverages observability information — what is happening inside your application, plus what is happening in your production environment — along with our proven Davis AI engine and OneAgent technology to produce fundamentally better application security.
  • Dynatrace’s automated runtime vulnerability detection helps you understand each risk quickly and completely, allowing you to accurately prioritize which vulnerabilities to fix first.
  • Dynatrace’s runtime threat detection and application self protection (RASP) will enable your applications to automatically detect and block threats, without constant tuning or rules adjustment.

Dynatrace provides application security and observability in context – from metrics, logs and traces, to user experience and topology information.

All-in-one platform

With Dynatrace Application Security, our DevSecOps teams finally gain the 100% production run-time visibility they need to defend against vulnerabilities in our Kubernetes environment. Its real-time, topology-driven, and precise risk assessment allows us to focus our energy where it matters for the business, eliminating wasted time spent working through thousands of false positives.”
Jürgen Plasser, Application Security Management at Raiffeisen Software GmbH

A single source of truth for all DevSecOps teams

Harness automatic and intelligent observability at the core of our platform to innovate faster with greater confidence and collaborate more effectively

  • Advanced observability

Intelligent observability

See it all in-context, including metrics, logs, traces, entity relationships, UX, behavior, and vulnerability scores.

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  • Continuous Automation

Continuous automation

Make it easy with automatic deploy, config, discovery, topology, performance, updates, and more.

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  • AI at the core


Free your time with precise answers for proactive problem resolution and performance improvements.

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  • Infinity

Cross-team collaboration

Eliminate silos and accelerate teamwork with a single source of truth for your Biz, Dev, Sec and Ops teams.

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User experience &
business analytics

Deliver remarkable experiences across every user journey and maximize business KPIs and revenue.

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The All-in-one Platform

All-in-one platform

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