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Observability and security are key to closing vulnerability gaps

We asked 1,300 CISOs about the state of application security and DevSecOps in their organizations. Here’s what we heard:

  • 75% of CISOs are worried too many application vulnerabilities leak into production, despite a multi-layered security approach
  • 69% of CISOs say vulnerability management has become more difficult as the need to accelerate digital transformation has increased.
  • More than three-quarters (79%) of CISOs say that automatic, continuous runtime vulnerability management is key to filling the gap in the capabilities of existing security solutions. 

Download the free report to dive deep into the state of runtime vulnerability management in 2022 and the impact of recent threats like Log4Shell.

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Quickly investigate application security incidents

Unify, store, and contextually analyze massive volumes of application security data with speed and cost-efficiency using a causational data lakehouse.

Audit and forensics
Unlock value from all your application security data by automatically connecting and analyzing logs together with all other observability data. Immediately investigate logs relevant to an application security incident to audit what happened, identify attack paths, and determine counter measures.

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See the platform in action

Explore our interactive product tour to see how the automation and intelligence at the core of the Dynatrace platform enable DevSecOps teams to increase efficiency up to 75%, and innovation throughput up to 80%.
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Effortlessly sift through the noise of complex multiclouds and agile methodologies

Traditional approaches to application security lack runtime context and are often unable to distinguish signal from noise. With growing cloud complexity and fast-paced DevSecOps processes, this can leave you manually sifting through alerts, wasting valuable time and effort having your teams try to figure out what to focus on.

Many outdated application security tools require manual configuration and cannot distinguish between potential exposures and real ones, resulting in an alert storm and a lack of knowledge in your true level of risk. Developer teams also typically waste precious time and are unable to achieve high-speed software delivery.

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Modern cloud application security done right

  • Runtime vulnerability analysis

    Reduce the time and cost to find and fix application vulnerabilities. Leverage runtime context to precisely implement countermeasures and remediation.

  • Runtime application protection

    Reduce exposure to missed and zero-day vulnerabilities. Continuously detect and block common application attacks, like SQL injection and command injection.

  • Log audit and forensics

    Quickly gain actionable insights that enable proactive security risk mitigation and remediation. Leverage observability context to reduce the time and effort required to investigate security incidents.

  • AI-assisted prioritization

    Free your teams from war rooms and focus them on bringing innovation to market. Stop wasting time sifting through the noise and chasing false positives.

  • DevSecOps automation

    Accelerate speed to market and productivity through improved DevSecOps collaboration. Increase confidence in application releases with security gates.

A new approach to cloud application security powered by AI and automation

Dynatrace provides you with complete real-time observability and application runtime context to help you identify critical vulnerabilities, detect and block attacks, and automate remediation efforts. Now, your DevSecOps teams can fill critical visibility gaps, enabling them to scale as modern cloud complexity grows.

With real-time security intelligence across runtime environments, AI-driven prioritization, and automation that can automate handoffs across the DevSecOps workflow, your teams can produce better, higher-performing, more secure software faster and with less effort.

Deploy confidently with continuous automatic coverage for dynamic containerized cloud-native stacks

  • Run fast and be secure. Our automated, real-time security aligns with your DevSecOps speed and your cloud automation practices.
  • Eliminate vulnerability blind spots with 100% automated deployment in both production and pre-production.
  • Automatically keep up with changes, including multi-version deployments, runtime container updates, rollbacks, and elastic scaling with real-time detection, alerting, and re-validation.
  • Ensure that only high-quality code moves through your delivery pipeline by automatically evaluating code against your security policy and rejecting insecure code.

Prevent, identify and resolve exposures faster with precise risk and impact assessment

  • Understand the true risk of each vulnerability. Davis AI automatically generates a unique risk score for each potential vulnerability by combining information from Snyk’s vulnerability database with Dynatrace Smartscape topology and PurePath® attack vector analysis.
  • Save 70% of the time your developers spend on remediation, and thereby accelerate software delivery.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in Kubernetes infrastructure and applications running in containers, virtual machines, and traditional servers.
  • Prioritize “crown-jewel” protection through automatic service flow analysis from publicly available data.
  • Speed vulnerability remediation by identifying the required upgrades and/or potential workarounds through native integration with Snyk.
  • Act rapidly and collaborate for fast resolution by understanding impact with service-flow, root-cause, real-user-sessions, and log/event data, all in context.

Scale DevSecOps as cloud complexity grows

Reduce blind spots and minimize risk from vulnerabilities

Know in real-time if you are exposed to critical application vulnerabilities, no need to wait for scan results.

Proactively protect your applications

Seamlessly protect applications against unforeseen code vulnerabilities, and automate handoffs with actionable intelligence.

Improve collaboration between security and development

Prioritize remediation based on vulnerability impact, and increase effectiveness and efficiency.

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Powerful core technologies

Get precise answers through explainable, causal AI, with automatic discovery and topology mapping across billions of dependencies.

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As part of our digital transformation journey, Auto Club Group adopted a multi-cloud strategy, along with agile and SecDevOps approaches to delivering modern applications. However, these practices can introduce gaps in security and observability on exploitable vulnerabilities in the run-time stack, like the recent critical Log4J Shell vulnerability. Turning on the Dynatrace Application Security Module™, we were able to quickly identify vulnerabilities while having the capability to continuously monitor the security environment in our critical business applications.
Gopal Padinjaruveetil CISO Auto Club Group

The All-in-one Platform

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