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Application Security

Empower DevSecOps at scale with a unique approach to securing cloud-native applications at runtime combined with intelligent automation.

Seamlessly integrate DevSecOps for better business outcomes

  • Obtain real-time, full stack application security insights to release better, more secure software faster
  • Automate application security into CI/CD toolchains to mitigate risk and lower exposure time and business impact
  • Promote security awareness and ownership for more efficient collaboration and improved effectiveness
Empower teams

Mitigate risk and automate remediation in a single powerful platform

Continuous Runtime Vulnerability Analytics, AI-powered risk assessment, and Runtime Application Protection help customers intelligently automate DevSecOps to innovate faster with less risk.

Identify and remediate risk with Runtime Vulnerability Analytics

Proactively detect vulnerabilities across all layers of your application stack in real time. Confidently implement countermeasures and remediate with automated analysis of runtime context and security intelligence.

Maximize cloud automation security with AI-assisted prioritization

Davis Security Advisor gives teams the precise information they need to resolve the most critical vulnerabilities first. Davis uses security intelligence and runtime context to determine risk based on criteria like internet exposure and access to sensitive data.

Reduce risk with Runtime Application Protection

Detect and block common attacks on application layer vulnerabilities, like SQL injection, command injection, and JNDI attacks. Protect against some critical zero-day attack types, like those for Log4Shell, while the vulnerability is being remediated.

Get answers when you need them with Security Analytics

Reduce the cost of investigating logs related to a current or suspected security incident, like an application attack. Quickly and confidently verify what happened, leverage observability context to analyze, and take proactive action to strengthen defenses.

Improve efficiency with DevSecOps automation

Plug into existing tools and processes to intelligently automate the creation, assignment, and resolution of vulnerability tickets. Automatically validate if critical application vulnerabilities are fixed before releasing to production.

Power Demo

Turbo charge security investigations with observability data

Join our security experts for a live demo to see how runtime context, including vulnerability analytics, metrics, and traces, can expedite your security investigations and enable you to proactively hunt for threats and swiftly resolve incidents.

Tuesday, June 25th, 2024 | 11:00am ET
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The state of application security in 2024

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s more important than ever to have organizational alignment. And that requires better communication among the security team, chief information security officer (CISO), CEO, and board-level executives.

While security is a top-of-mind issue for every organization, the focus is often on high-profile risks, such as ransomware and phishing, and regulatory compliance. Therefore, there’s often a limited understanding of technology-centric risks, such as gaps in the organization’s application security strategy.

In this report, we explore the challenges facing CISOs as they look to increase their organization’s overall understanding of these issues. Additionally, it highlights the importance of a unified observability and security strategy to improve an organization’s risk posture.

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The DevSecOps Lifecycle Coverage app with Snyk

Connect Dynatrace and Snyk to enable DevSecOps teams to collaborate, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities and establish data-driven governance.

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Get precise answers and automation through hypermodal AI, with automatic discovery and topology mapping across billions of dependencies.

With Dynatrace, we've identified that risk mitigation is value creation, and as we move into the future, that will really come to the fore in how we add value to our business.
Satya Jayadev Vice President and CIO, Skyworks