SaaS vendor real user monitoring (RUM)

Guarantee employee satisfaction when working with SaaS solutions based on real-time information directly from their browser

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Ensure high productivity from employees

Deliver the top-notch user productivity promised by the SaaS solutions your company uses such as Salesforce, Office 365, Workday, Concur, Google Apps, Zendesk, and more. Dynatrace SaaS vendor RUM shows how your employees are using the software and the real-time status of their experience—even when you have little access to the SaaS servers.

Useful information for all users, in real time, and how errors and outages affect them. Plus connect directly to root cause, if needed.

Improve employee satisfaction with SaaS solutions

Have useful information on the true experience of all users–whether they are behind your firewall or at an internet café–in real-time, across all the functions of SaaS Solutions you use.

See all session details on a user level. See the sequence of user actions, when the actions occured during the session, and the wait time between actions.

Simple to deploy, powerful results

Installing the browser extension is easy. Want to check it out? Join the EAP program.

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