Real user monitoring

See how real users experience your web and mobile apps and drill down into any single customer journey

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Keep all your customers satisfied

See how real users experience your web and mobile apps. With Dynatrace real user monitoring, every customer visit can be tracked end-to-end.

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Get a complete view of your customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

See the full picture across all channels

Gain a complete overview of your web and mobile websites, native/hybrid apps—performance, usage analytics, and crash reports—all in one place.

Overview dashboard: Makes it easy to compare User Experience, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate and traffic across all channels. See visitor counts, response times and crashes per channel including mobile apps.

See your web application through your users’ eyes

Dynatrace Visually complete shows you exactly how long it takes your web page to become visually complete – for every user, on every mobile or desktop device. Get into the customer’s seat and go beyond time to first byte, DOM interactive or fully loaded.

Experienced web application speed in numbers

In addition to Visually complete, the Speed index indicates how fast your page loads through a user’s perspective. A lower Speed index is ideal as it means large parts of the page can render very quickly.

Visually complete measures exactly how long it takes your web page to become fully loaded visually and ready to be used (2.89 s) Traditional metrics like Action Duration can be very misleading indicators of when the web page is ready to be used (9.38 s)  Time to first byte is important in understanding how the page loads, but it doesn't necessarily translate directly into the user experience (0.7 s) HTML Downloaded is also useful, but it doesn't consider the time the user must wait before they can meaningfully interact with the web page (1.12 s)


“At Pandora, we’re all about the user experience so performance is extremely important. Dynatrace helps me to benchmark to make sure that everyone is meeting our SLA.”

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Identify and resolve technical issues proactively

Dynatrace monitors the activity of all your mobile and web application users—across all devices and browsers—analyzing the data in real-time to ensure efficient error handling.

Dynatrace measures response times in your customers’ browsers and breaks down the results into JavaScript execution time, network time, and server time. Investigate JavaScript errors based on browser distribution. View error messages, know the user actions that triggered them, and view stack traces—all in a single view.

Excel in customer complaint resolution

All user click-paths are captured as sessions and aggregated for behavior analysis and fast complaint resolution.

Drill down into any customer journey. Dynatrace presents key findings automatically within interactive infographics.

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Deliver relevant business insights

Correlate your operational variables directly with business transactions like orders, downloads, and searches. Dynatrace shows the real-time impact of your site’s performance on business outcomes.

Get full insights into application entry and exit points, new vs. returning users, bounce rates, and conversion rates. Understand technical requests in the context of your business objectives, such as orders, downloads, views, searches, and more. All key business transactions are displayed on a single real-time dashboard.

See into your Single Page Application (SPA)

Modern frameworks like Angular, React, Backbone, and Ember are changing how the web works. Past emphasis on page load metrics has been replaced with emphasis on user action metrics.

Leverage big data analytics for real user actions

The Dynatrace PureLytics stream provides gap free user data for engines like Elasticsearch for complex queries with software like Tableau or SAS.

Leverage the Dynatrace PureLytics data stream to power big-data analytics solutions.

Ensure availability and performance with synthetic web checks

Combine real user monitoring with synthetic monitoring to consistently deliver exceptional performance and availability. Proactively monitor your web and mobile applications from tens of thousands of locations.

You probably depend on more third party providers than you realize.

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