Internet of Things (IoT)

Full stack monitoring for a new fleet of smart devices

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Digital transformation is rapidly changing the world

The Internet of Things has created a new ecosystem of smart devices that allows people to consume services via modern applications. Smart data processing creates feedback flows in existing systems to enhance functionality. This results in increased benefits for society as physical objects are built to become an integral part of the internet.

Data can be collected from different domains including:

Digital transformation

Dynatrace is ready to tackle new challenges

Dynatrace is an intelligent monitoring solution that is ready to face the challenges posed by the Internet of Things. A new fleet of smart devices have been distributed across the globe, and require new processing and data storage platforms, as well as integrations into existing applications. Full stack monitoring ensures a smooth integration from remote devices (covering both cloud based or on premise IoT platforms) into existing systems.

Smart IoT monitoring starts in the field to show the availability, health, and performance of your devices.

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Journey into the Internet of Things

Single-board computers like Raspberry Pi or Arduino are two great choices for starting your journey into the Internet of Things. General purpose I/O ports allow for an easy integration of all kinds of sensors, and a WiFi connection to IoT platforms is used to send and receive data. A Dynatrace ADK allows the integration to take place in a smart monitoring environment.

Cloud based IoT platforms are designed to connect devices, send and receive messages and connect to other cloud services and/or private applications. Dynatrace seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as AWS IoT, IBM Watson and MS Azure IoT. It’s the perfect choice for getting insight into your data processing without losing control over your system.

Dynatrace seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like AWS IoT, IBM Watson and MS Azure IoT.

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