Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring

Monitor web scale IoT ecosystems the easy way powered by AI.

Get full operational insights into entire ecosystems of sensor and smart devices, gateways and IoT applications. Artificial intelligence analyzes highly complex and dynamic ecosystems and billions of events in real-time. Get actionable answers to resolve performance and availability issues instantly.

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Internet of Things monitoring

Monitoring redefined for IoT: from the edge to the cloud

  • Monitor sensor devices, smart devices, gateways, applications and highly dynamic cloud environments.
  • Aggregate information from millions of devices on pre-built dashboards and interactive world maps.
  • Get full insights into device and application performance, as well as user behavior, powered by AI.

Dynatrace monitors millions of sensors, smart devices and gateways as well as web scale backand applications and highly dynamic cloud deployments.

Dynatrace monitors millions of sensors, smart devices and gateways as well as web scale backend applications and highly dynamic cloud deployments.

IoT monitoring for consumer electronics, automotive, industry 4.0 and more

  • Understand user behavior of smart consumer electronics devices and the impact of firmware updates.
  • Monitor fleet management ecosystems from single electric control units (ECU) and smart cockpits, to mobile apps and cloud applications.
  • Analyze performance of connected manufacturing operations from programmable logic controller (PLC) to entire industry 4.0 platforms.

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Monitor industrial panels as well as Industry 4.0 solutions end-to-end.

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100% gapless data end-to-end

  • Session tracking of real (user) devices
  • Crash reporting
  • Application metrics
  • Device and custom metrics (Geo-location, battery, firmware version, …)
  • Log and event data
Monitor firmware distribution of web scale IoT deployments across all geographic regions.

Get full operational insights

  • The entire topology of your IoT ecosystem is auto-discovered in minutes and visualized with Dynatrace Smartscape technology.
  • Drill into real user behavior and device and application performance with interactive dashboards.
  • Analyze cohorts by device type and properties like platform, resolution or firmware.

Resolve issues faster than ever

  • Machine learning algorithms baseline application performance and detect anomalies out-of-the-box.
  • Artificial intelligence auto-detects anomalies and pinpoints the root causes of problems automatically and proactively.
  • Track down HTTP requests to the code level of your backend application with PurePath.

Seamlessly integrate Dynatrace

  • Install the Dynatrace OneAgent on servers with one single command.
  • Integrate a tailored OpenKit into your sensors and smart devices based on open source reference implementations.
  • Fully integrated with AWS IoT and MS Azure IoT.

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