Dynatrace User Experience Management

Understand and optimize the experience of every digital user

Keeping the customer. Satisfied.

And yes, we mean customer―because each person―and each visit―is unique. We monitor every customer individually because people buy your products, not web pages. We analyze their behavior and assess their satisfaction in real-time. Compare the what, when, why and how for every visit to identify user patterns quickly, anticipate trends and act fast. From click or swipe, from Seattle to Singapore, UEM gives you the insights to keep your customers. Satisfied.

UEM Purelytics

UEM Value Statement

Make troubleshooting personal

It’s your customer having a problem. A simple query returns only their visits, or click-paths, so you can resolve their problem quickly. Replay their transactions, pinpoint the issue, and drill down to root-cause. You can even proactively contact them when something goes wrong – and prevent a poor app rating.

UEM Value Statement

Deliver biz-relevant insights

Correlate your operational variables directly to business transaction like orders, downloads and searches―the activities the business needs to understand. Show them the real-time impact of your site’s performance on business outcomes and the usage metrics that speak volumes about your customers’ preferences & behavior.

UEM Value Statement

Get a clear view of…everything

Get a complete view of your web and mobile web sites, native and hybrid apps―crash reports, performance, and usage analytics―all in one place. We do the heavy lifting so you can compare user experiences across channels. Even trace each action to third party providers to ensure they’re performing on real user response times.

We finally have the flexibility to perform ad-hoc analysis on real user data. This makes it easy to gain new insights and make informed decisions.
Instead of waiting for a customer to call in and report a problem, we can now see where the problems and slow applications occur and fix them before they affect the customers.

UEM Resources

Walgreens goes mobile―in a big way

“Mobile first” strategies are ramping up. Gain valuable insights for your strategy from Walgreens’ digital transformation as they re-architected walgreens.com.

UEM Resources

Building customer-first mobile banking

Customer-centric mobile banking requires a unified user view across web, mobile web and mobile apps. Peter Wannemacher of Forrester Research discusses the 5 metrics that give you the edge.

UEM Resources

How to be a digital banking disrupter

A guide for anyone responsible for eCommerce outcomes. These 6 best practices will help you maximize revenue and brand loyalty, reduce costs, launch new initiatives with confidence and build engaging digital experiences faster.

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