End user experience monitoring

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End user experience monitoring is a critical technology today, especially when your business success depends on offering exceptional user experiences. Prior to launching a website or web application, end user monitoring enables you to evaluate the likely experience of users by identifying potential bottlenecks in resources and through load testing under anticipated traffic. And after launch, end user experience monitoring lets you improve performance by tracking the experience of individual users, and by analyzing what happens on every click.

When end user experience monitoring is a high priority, more businesses today choose application performance monitoring (APM) solutions from Dynatrace to implement solutions for real user monitoring and user experience testing.

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End user experience monitoring with Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a leading provider of APM solutions to organizations of every size, from small startups to the largest enterprises. Built with the expertise of more than 800 of the world’s top APM experts, our end user experience monitoring and other APM solutions are the choice of nine of the top 10 retailers, nine of the 10 largest banks, and more than 380 of the Fortune 500.

With end user experience monitoring capabilities from Dynatrace, you can:

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Dynatrace solutions for end user experience monitoring

Dynatrace provides a suite of solutions that offer comprehensive capabilities for end user experience monitoring.

Dynatrace User Experience Management offers real user experience insight with an integrated view across web, HTML5, native mobile and hybrid apps, enabling you to monitor performance of each and every user action across all browsers, devices, geographies and bandwidths.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring provides a unified view of infrastructure and application performance, and delivers insight into any performance root-cause in seconds – from redundant DB queries to resource bottlenecks or poorly executed code to memory leaks.

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring enables you to test and monitor web or mobile apps by emulating real user behavior from tens of thousands of real PCs around the world.

Learn more about end user experience monitoring with Dynatrace, as well as Dynatrace solutions for APM development, transaction monitoring, and more.

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