End user experience monitoring tools

In recent years, we’ve seen a shift in the IT landscape from siloed teams using disparate monitoring tools to increasing collaboration among teams sharing unified monitoring toolsets. One critical unifying aspect of service delivery is the end user experience—the fundamental measure of service quality today.

End user experience monitoring tools provide IT and business leaders with a unified view of service performance—performance from the perspective of end users. When combined with software analytics tools, end user experience monitoring tools offer application stakeholders deep insight into application performance, application usage patterns, and user behavior, allowing them to prioritize and resolve issues affecting actual users.

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Purpose and types of end user experience monitoring tools

End user experience monitoring tools are used to track and monitor synthetic or real user sessions and to collect and analyze user experience metrics such as response time and failure rate. End user experience monitoring tools enable you to quantitatively understand what users are actually experiencing or may experience when they visit your website, use your mobile app, or work with some other type of application. They allow you to compare application performance across geographies, browsers, browser versions, app versions, platforms, and devices—to detect errors and failures and identify the root cause of performance degradation or variations in the user experience.

There are four types of end user performance monitoring tools commonly used today, namely:

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End user experience monitoring tools for every type of application

Available as a SaaS or managed on-premises solution, Dynatrace’s all-in-one APM platform offers full-stack application monitoring, real user monitoring (probe-based and browser-based), and synthetic transaction monitoring capabilities—for websites, cloud-based applications, hybrid and native mobile apps, enterprise applications, and more.

Featuring user behavior monitoring and software analytics as well as mobile app analytics tools, Dynatrace lets you track every customer visit and user interaction—offering holistic visibility across multiple channels and across the application delivery chain. Dynatrace empowers your teams with the actionable intelligence they need to identify and fix critical issues quickly and effectively. Our end user experience monitoring tools enable a proactive, collaborative approach to performance monitoring so that you can ensure a positive user experience to each and every user.

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