Customer experience management

Offering your customers a superior user experience can be a critical differentiator for your business in an intensely competitive global marketplace. Your web site, your mobile site, and your mobile app are not just the faces of your brand but a reflection of your priorities. Customer experience management can help you ensure that your audience knows that their satisfaction is your top priority.

Commonly implemented through user experience monitoring and customer experience analytics solutions, customer experience management brings together teams in your organization to focus on the common goal of creating positive customer experiences that foster satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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Customer experience management: keeping customers satisfied and engaged with your brand

Today’s consumers are demanding, impatient, and will not hesitate to take their business elsewhere when a mobile site or app fails to perform as expected—unless it’s an aberration and they know your organization is dedicated to improving the user experience. Customer experience management makes it possible for you to show your customers that you’re committed to delivering satisfying digital experiences to each and every user.

It’s impossible to ensure a glitch-free experience on every device, OS or version of OS, and carrier network and with every update of your site or application. But with the right user monitoring and user experience optimization solutions in place, it is possible to come close: by proactively identifying and fixing performance issues before users complain and by communicating with affected customers as your teams work to quickly solve the problem.

If your teams are focused on customer experience management, they will actively monitor and map customer journeys and analyze the impact of poor site or application performance on the user experience. This will allow your organization as a whole to better understand the behavior and expectations of your users and to optimize your digital platforms based on this insight. In this way, your company can make smarter investments in your digital ecosystem, strengthening your brand image and keeping customers engaged and loyal.

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User experience management: customer experience management for web 2.0 and mobile applications

The complexity of web applications and the proliferation of devices and channels makes customer experience management difficult. Although widely available and useful, many user experience tools are insufficient for tackling the complicated web of systems and services involved in the user’s experience of your web site or mobile app.

Designed for Web 2.0 applications and suitable for both native and hybrid mobile apps as well as web and mobile sites, Dynatrace User Experience Management offers you the comprehensive user and application performance monitoring capabilities you need to view and manage the customer experience across the entire application delivery chain—including third-party services. Dynatrace UEM gives you end-to-end visibility into all visits and user transactions, helping your teams detect and resolve user struggle and improve every step of the customer journey.

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