Customer experience analytics

In what some are calling the "Age of the Customer", market leaders are those most capable of providing customers with exceptional experiences, or consistently positive interactions that keep customers coming back. It is no surprise that these organizations use customer experience analytics tools to track customer behavior and learn about how users engage with their most crucial touchpoints, typically web and mobile sites. By proactively monitoring and managing the end user experience on multiple channels, these companies are able to offer their customers optimized products and services, increase customer engagement and conversion, and maximize sales revenue.

Dynatrace User Experience Management gives you the power of customer experience analytics in a quick-to-deploy yet sophisticated toolkit. Dynatrace UEM supplies your teams with the intuitive dashboards and granular data they need to assess and improve the user experience on all of your digital platforms. Our solution helps you build relationships with and better serve your customers, giving you a competitive edge in a hyper-connected marketplace.

customer experience analytics

The power of customer experience analytics and the limitations of point monitoring solutions

A customer experience analytics toolkit should make it easier for you to address critical aspects of the user experience, such as the usability of your site or mobile app. A usable site is one that enables your users to easily accomplish certain objectives, such as submitting an application or watching a video. Through user monitoring, customer experience analytics allows you to identify places where users are struggling to complete tasks—detecting pain points that frustrate users and lead to abandonment.

Basic web or customer experience analytics tools however, stop here, unable to find the root cause of bottlenecks. With point monitoring solutions, your teams are left searching for the source of trouble while customers seek alternatives. Many customer experience analytics solutions simply cannot handle the complexity of today’s Web 2.0 and mobile applications, often leaving organizations with more questions than answers.

customer experience analytics

Implement in-depth customer experience analytics with Dynatrace UEM

Our customer experience management solution provides you with real-time insight into the user experience—and the in-depth information your organization needs to quickly diagnose and resolve the performance issues affecting your users.

Equipped with our patented PurePath Technology®, Dynatrace UEM brings together sophisticated user experience monitoring and analytics tools with deep-down application performance management capabilities, letting your teams drill down instantly to the system, third-party service, or line of code responsible for user frustration. Our scalable, all-in-one digital performance platform supports your brand at every touchpoint, including your web and mobile sites and native or hybrid mobile apps.

Let us help you understand your customers and their journeys better so that you can provide them an exceptional experience on every device and channel.

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