User experience management

When it comes to applications, meeting user expectations determines success or failure. After all, well, your users, they’re the reason you built the app in the first place. But your users don’t care about the challenges you face in an increasingly complex environment. If your app doesn’t perform like it should, they’ll leave, and head right on over to the competition. Your customer loyalty, revenue and your reputation all take a hit. When your users aren’t happy, you’re not happy, and your boss is definitely not happy. But there’s a way to make sure that doesn’t happen. What if you could find and solve performance problems before your users even notice? What if you could rely in user performance data to make decisions that positively impact your business? And what if you could spend more time on new features and functionality to not just meet but beat user expectations? With user experience management from Dynatrace organizations like yours are getting an outside in view of their performance, gaining full visibility and control over their applications.

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Application performance from an outside-in perspective

Your users’ experience directly impacts your success. When services are delayed or interrupted, your company’s reputation is on the line â?? even when the problem lies in a third-party service provider or cloud platform. User experience management) from Dynatrace helps you focus on what really matters: your users’ actual experience of every interaction, from any device, application and location. It’s the only comprehensive, integrated platform for monitoring, diagnosing, and correcting application performance challenges no matter where they occur. Choose from four solutions with flexible deployment options, including cloud-based SaaS, on-premise, or a hybrid model according to your needs.

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