SLA monitoring

Many web and cloud service firms carry out proactive SLA monitoring in order to verify that their websites, web applications, cloud-based services, and mobile apps are meeting the standards set out by service level agreements. Administrators can employ synthetic monitoring tools to continuously validate that their services are accessible from various locations and check that key transactions perform properly when initiated via specific platforms and browsers.

Synthetic monitoring tools are crucial for SLA monitoring as they allow you to not just collect and document service quality metrics but also establish baselines for a particular application's availability and performance—and proactively detect problematic trends. With the right SLA monitoring tool, you can be alerted to, diagnose, and resolve bottlenecks and other issues before users' digital experience is negatively impacted and SLA targets are missed.

Understand your availability and performance from a global perspective.

Choosing the right tool for SLA monitoring

Service providers can implement SLA monitoring to keep customers happy, eliminate finger-pointing between departments, mitigate financial risk, and protect their brand reputation. An integral part of any enterprise monitoring strategy, SLA monitoring may also be used to hold other vendors accountable by enabling you to regularly measure and report on the functionality, availability, and performance of third-party APIs and services.

Not all synthetic monitoring solutions are the same, however. And finding the right tool for your particular SLA monitoring needs and budget can be difficult. As a first step, here are some key features to look for:

  • Holistic coverage: Being able to check the status and health of all components and dependencies in your service delivery environment—including third-party services and cloud infrastructure.
  • Realistic, global testing: The ability to test the availability and performance of your applications from multiple vantage points around the world and from real browsers and devices.
  • Intelligent notifications: Getting actionable insight when issues are detected to accelerate application and database troubleshooting and reduce MTTR.
Get meaningful SLA monitoring reports out of the box.

Dynatrace synthetic monitoring: 24/7/365 SLA monitoring made easy

Engineered and perfected by the experts in APM, Dynatrace is a comprehensive digital performance management platform that supports a broad range of application, cloud, and infrastructure monitoring use cases including SLA monitoring. Our synthetic monitoring solution requires zero scripting, letting you record clickpaths using our simple web-based tool. Using these simulated transactions, you can test your applications 24/7/365 from thousands of locations around the globe and from diverse devices and browsers—and even 3G and 4G mobile carrier networks—to obtain the most realistic perspective on service performance and availability.

Dynatrace is easily customizable, allowing you to set up your own custom monitoring and alerting mechanisms. And our synthetic monitoring capabilities integrate seamlessly with our real user monitoring, server monitoring (including Linux monitoring and Windows monitoring), network monitoring, and JVM monitoring tools, providing you comprehensive context for performance patterns or problems. When performance issues are detected, our AI-powered automated root cause analysis technology lets you act fast to resolve the problem and keep your application's performance in line with SLAs.

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