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Website performance tools are software solutions that help companies improve the performance and availability of their website and ensure a glitch-free user experience. They are web application testing tools, which allow you to verify the functionality and speed of your web applications on various devices and from different locations, and website monitoring tools that enable you to detect and diagnose performance issues and user trouble or frustration.

Website performance tools include user monitoring tools, or browser-based user experience testing tools, that provide you with visibility into the actual user experience, collecting detailed data on user sessions, users’ computing environments, and the performance of individual pages and transactions as perceived by real users.

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Monitoring performance, availability, and the user experience with website performance tools

To keep users satisfied and engaged, many websites are designed to be highly interactive and dynamic, constantly in flux and integrating a wide range of third-party components including social media buttons and video players. This makes monitoring and managing the performance of websites more difficult and more important than ever before.

Website performance tools can provide firms with the holistic visibility and actionable insight they need to better understand and troubleshoot performance issues—anywhere in the application delivery environment—and guarantee a great user experience to each and every visitor.

Website performance tools range from simple uptime monitoring tools that can ping your website every few minutes to check if your site’s online to more comprehensive monitoring platforms encompassing the entire service delivery environment—from your backend servers to the user’s browser and across third-party services.

The two most widely recommended types of website performance tools are synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring tools. Synthetic website performance tools use behavioral scripts to simulate user actions on a website for performance evaluation in pre-production environments, for load testing and availability monitoring in production, and for baselining and benchmarking performance. Real user or browser monitoring tools collect data on website performance and information on your users directly from the browsers used to visit your website.

Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

Ensuring consistent performance and a superior user experience with Dynatrace website performance tools

Dynatrace is a comprehensive APM platform that brings together multiple website performance tools into one integrated, easy-to-use solution. Dynatrace combines synthetic monitoring and end user experience monitoring tools—for websites, mobile sites, streaming pages, and mobile apps—with full-stack monitoring and big data analytics capabilities, enabling holistic digital experience management through a single pane of glass.

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring lets you continually monitor the performance and availability of key transactions or user paths from thousands of locations around the globe for the most realistic assessment of site readiness or load capacity. Dynatrace Real User Monitoring helps you ensure an exceptional user experience by monitoring all user sessions and clickpaths and alerting you to errors and broken transactions in real time.

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