Website performance testing

Due to increasing business demands, websites continually evolve with more features and complexity that can result in performance problems. Poor performance characteristics like long response times or even transaction failures can threaten end-user retention and the reputation of the website brand. Consequently, website performance testing is imperative throughout the lifecycle of mission-critical websites.

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Website performance testing essentials

Website performance testing allows stakeholders in marketing, IT, and product management to identify and monitor key performance metrics. In order to capture the most meaningful metrics, the following approaches should be considered when performing a site performance test, or load testing:

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Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

Dynatrace’s best-of-breed website performance testing technology

Dynatrace offers comprehensive tools and technology for website performance testing. Key technologies that set Dynatrace solutions apart from competitors’ products are Dynatrace user experience management and Dynatrace synthetic monitoring.

In combination these technologies provide unmatched breadth and depth for website performance testing and analysis.

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