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Website performance testing, often also referred to as site performance testing, is a principal activity in the development, testing, and production of websites. A site performance test collects data on response times, scalability, and stability characteristics of a system. For websites that service a high volume of users and those that fulfill critical business transactions, these metrics help to define the user experience of websites and web applications. Website developers and operators test site performance to increase the quality of user experience resulting in increased revenue and improved productivity.

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Test site performance to optimize user experience

The user experience of a website is directly impacted by the load speed of each page in the website. Fast load speeds enhance user experience by allowing users to quickly access information and accomplish tasks. Users satisfied with the performance of a website are more likely to stay on the site, and return to it, and less likely to bounce to competitor websites. Website brand value and trust also increases. To realize best ROI, website stakeholders need to test site performance regularly throughout the lifecycle of each website.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, the primary user end-point to access the internet is changing from the desktop to mobile device. Consequently, the performance of mobile websites or websites that optimize their content for mobile devices is key to the mobile user experience and retention. In addition to response times from web servers, application servers, and databases that produce content for websites, mobile-specific performance parameters must be measured as well. For example, each web page performance test must be conducted with consideration for wireless network latency and congestion.

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