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Today’s enterprise data centers are being transformed by initiatives such as consolidation, virtualization, and implementation of private clouds and service-oriented architectures. These profound changes make data center monitoring more important than ever, at the same time that they make it more challenging. Conventional network traffic monitoring tools, unfortunately, shine only dim light on the performance of the modern data center. What’s needed is a data center monitoring solution that monitors and analyzes today’s environments and technologies from the perspective that matters most: the impact on real users of applications and services.

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Dynatrace DCRUM: Data Center Monitoring That Puts Users First

Dynatrace Data Center Real User Monitoring (DCRUM) is a next-generation data center monitoring solution that unifies network and application monitoring by precisely correlating network performance with the impact to specific applications, business transactions, and users. Dynatrace DCRUM goes beyond network traffic monitoring to provide deep visibility into the performance of the technologies driving the modern data center, including:

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Extend Your Data Center Monitoring from Click to Code

For the ultimate in data center monitoring, pair the Dynatrace DCRUM network traffic monitoring tool with Dynatrace Application Monitoring. Dynatrace application monitoring softwareleverages ultra-lightweight agents to automatically discover and trace transaction execution paths from client through middleware to back-end database calls. Gain 100% visibility not only across application tiers, but deep into the Java, .NET, or PHP application call stacks on each tier. Troubleshooting application performance problems is made dramatically faster and easier as your teams can instantly identify not only the application tier that’s causing the bottleneck but even the troublesome lines of code.

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