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Virgin Money banks on AI-assistance to improve operations

Within two days we had it all installed, and it did deliver.
Andy Lofthouse
Senior Analyst, Virgin Money

About Virgin Money

  • UK financial services company
  • Over 3.2 million customers
  • 3,000 employees worldwide
  • Founded in 2003


  • Financial Services

Story Snapshot

Constant visibility
Automatic observability across customer journeys
Improved efficiency
All-in-one platform eliminates siloed solutions
Hours of time saved
Teams spend much less time troubleshooting issues
Improved collaboration
Insights drive change across wider digital teams

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Virgin Money found its previous approach to monitoring was proving ineffective; it had a relatively small team that was responsible for managing a large number of different systems, using multiple tools and manual processes. As a result, it found its team was regularly reacting to issues after they had impacted customers, making it difficult to proactively optimize digital experiences and creating a significant challenge in terms of time and resources.

We didn’t think it would be that easy based on the experience we’d had in the past with our monitoring tools. Within two days we had it all installed, and it did deliver."
Andy Lofthouse
Senior Analyst, Virgin Money

Why Dynatrace

  • Auto-discovery and instrumentation – Virgin Money was impressed by the simplicity in which Dynatrace could be deployed across its entire environment, with the ability to auto-instrument all of its services, processes, and technologies. After launching Dynatrace’s OneAgent, Virgin Money had complete observability across its entire digital ecosystem within two days.
  • Intelligent observability at scale – The AI-assistance from Dynatrace met Virgin Money’s need for monitoring capabilities that are smart and scalable, with the ability to recognize end-to-end application flows and customer journeys as its systems continue to expand. These capabilities have saved Virgin Money hours of manpower resources, by removing the need for manual troubleshooting.
  • A single source of truth – The full-stack observability provided by Dynatrace offers Virgin Money a single, all-in-one platform that covers multiple use-cases and technologies. This eliminates the need for teams to use multiple monitoring solutions to find the root cause of performance problems.
  • Cross-team collaboration – The AI-powered answers from Dynatrace can be used by multiple teams within Virgin Money’s IT department, from operations, to second-line support, incident managers, and change management. As a result, Virgin Money is able to make better, faster, and more informed decisions.
Dynatrace has saved us hours and hours in troubleshooting issues.
Andy Lofthouse
Senior Analyst, Virgin Money

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