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As mobile channels continue to rise in popularity, mobile monitoring technology is essential for companies that want to deliver great user experiences. Mobile monitoring solutions help you to ensure responsive interactions no matter what device or carrier your customers, employees or partners are using. Mobile app monitoring provides real-time insights to help you optimize digital moments – from a screen swipe all the way to your back-end services. With the right mobile monitoring solutions you can troubleshoot mobile apps more quickly, be ready for important mobile events, and compare user experiences across every channel while mapping all user interactions to business metrics.

For superior mobile monitoring technology, consider the suite of leading application performance monitoring (APM) solutions from Dynatrace.

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Dynatrace (formerly Compuware APM) provides mobile monitoring and application management solutions for businesses of every size in nearly every industry vertical throughout the world. Engineered and refined by more than 800 of the world’s top application performance specialists, our mobile monitoring and APM management solutions are used by more than three-quarters of the Fortune 500, including nine of the top 10 banks and retailers.

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