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Organizations that realize the potential of mobile touchpoints—as platforms to engage customers and as a source of revenue—are leveraging mobile analytics tools to gain a competitive edge in today’s hyper-connected marketplaces.

As mobile devices become an indispensable part of our lives, the mobile channel presents both opportunities and risks. For companies that strive to overcome the challenges of the mobile ecosystem and provide an exceptional user experience to each and every customer, mobile sites and apps may foster customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Through the use of mobile analytics tools, these organizations can implement intelligent mobile application management, optimizing the UI and performance of their mobile platforms for their particular audience. For companies not prepared for the complexities of mobile application delivery, a poorly performing mobile site or app can be disastrous, leading to user abandonment, customer frustration, and a tarnished brand image.

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Using mobile analytics tools to measure and improve your end user experience

Whether you choose a simple mobile monitoring app or a more comprehensive customer experience analytics solution, mobile analytics tools can help your organization tackle some of the unique challenges of the mobile landscape and maximize the value of your mobile investments. Mobile analytics tools can be used to:

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Mobile analytics tools in an end-to-end digital performance management solution

Dynatrace offers customer experience monitoring that gives you breakthrough visibility into the performance of your web sites, mobile sites, and mobile apps. Dynatrace goes beyond developer-centric mobile analytics tools, offering your organization a holistic view of the application delivery chain from end-to-end—including third-party APIs and services—and the contextual data you need to bring all your teams together around the common cause of delivering great web and mobile apps.

Equipped with sophisticated user monitoring capabilities, Dynatrace shows you how users are interacting with your site or app in real time, letting your teams drill down to the problematic system, service, or line of code when issues arise. Through intuitive dashboards and visualizations, your mobile developers, IT operations, and business teams can assess the impact of app performance issues on business metrics, examine usage trends, and collaborate to create and deliver exceptional, profitable digital user experience.

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