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From its open source origins, Linux has steadily gained traction as a server operating system for use in all types of industries. Some Linux servers run mission-critical applications that have in place performance benchmarks and SLA requirements. Any performance degradation in these applications can result in lost revenue and user churn. To mitigate this, robust application management service software is used to monitor and tune the performance of applications running on these servers. At the server level, Linux server monitoring is implemented to optimize Linux performance. Linux performance monitoring and optimization can also yield overall improvements in the performance of applications running in the servers.

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Benefits of Linux performance monitoring

Monitoring and improving the performance of Linux servers delivers multiple benefits. For example:

  • Better application performance -- When the operating system of the server in which applications run is monitored and optimized for performance, the applications also perform better. When Linux performance monitoring is carried out for example, Linux system resources can be monitored for efficient usage thereby improving the performance of software like Web servers and databases running on the Linux server.
  • Improved data center efficiency and productivity -- Linux performance monitoring in the data center improves operational efficiency and productivity thereby reducing costs and boosting revenue. The performance of individual servers in the data center contributes directly to overall data center efficiency and productivity. Monitoring server operating systems and the applications they run are key to improving server performance. For example, Linux performance monitoring using built-in tools, custom scripts, or third-party software brings attention to any resource consumption issues. Application-specific monitoring such as Citrix monitoring can bring further performance improvements that have a large impact on users.
  • Improved server platform availability and stability -- Linux performance monitoring allows server performance problems to be triaged and remedied quickly. This leads to increased availability and stability of servers and the applications they run, contributing to the fulfillment of SLA and performance requirements. To test for availability and stability, a load testing tool can be used to simulate peak traffic loads to ensure that servers are available and performant enough to service these loads.

Use Dynatrace APM software with Linux performance monitoring for optimal performance

Dynatrace is a market leader in the application performance management space. It offers leading-edge tools for Java and .NET monitoring in addition to tools for user experience management, load testing, and data center performance monitoring. These tools leverage Dynatrace's patented PurePath Technology® and PureStack Technology. PurePath enables Dynatrace's .NET and Java performance monitoring tools to trace application transactions down to the method level to show method execution times, arguments, exceptions and log messages, and database queries. PureStack monitors system health in the IT infrastructure including CPU, memory, disk, and network usage of individual servers. For example, PureStack enables Linux performance monitoring of Linux servers in the data center. With both PurePath and PureStack technologies, Dynatrace offers comprehensive performance monitoring solutions.

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