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The past decade has brought dizzying changes in software application topology and underlying infrastructure. At the same time as application delivery has grown more complex and dynamic, the end users of those applications have grown increasingly impatient with anything less than flawless performance. If you’ve been using conventional infrastructure monitoring tools built for a simpler time, chances are you’ve got major gaps in your monitoring coverage and little help with understanding how infrastructure performance correlates to user experience and application-driven revenues. Fortunately, the best and most innovative vendors are reinventing infrastructure monitoring tools for a new era of mining actionable insights from comprehensive monitoring data.

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Dynatrace all-in-one infrastructure monitoring tools for today’s web and cloud applications

Leading the way for this next generation of infrastructure monitoring tools is Dynatrace, the application and infrastructure monitoring technology adopted by more than 8000 companies worldwide. Available for on-premise deployment or as Monitoring as a Service (MaaS), Dynatrace is a comprehensive solution for digital performance management of web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

Dynatrace’s integrated infrastructure monitoring tools platform stands out for its unmatched breadth of technology coverage, delivering end-to-end real-time monitoring across application delivery chains encompassing diverse user devices, content delivery networks, web and application servers, programming frameworks (including Java, .NET, PHP, and Node.js), REST services and messaging middleware, databases, physical and virtual services, and mainframes. Dynatrace infrastructure monitoring tools extend seamlessly into the latest application environments including containers and micro-services, NoSQL data stores, big data analytics technologies such as Hadoop and Splunk, and private or public cloud performance monitoring.

Across any of these application tiers and technologies, Dynatrace application mapping tools automatically discover your baseline application topology and any changes to that topology from build-to-build and release-to-release. In testing and production, Dynatrace application and infrastructure monitoring tools monitor 100% of transactions end-to-end, highlighting anomalies and supporting instant automated root cause analysis down to the level of individual method invocations and database calls. And with Dynatrace’s integrated user monitoring capabilities, you can see through a single pane of glass how infrastructure and application performance directly correlates to user experience, conversions, and revenues.

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Benefits of Dynatrace infrastructure monitoring tools

Why have so many companies ranging from visionary start-ups to dominant market leaders chosen Dynatrace as their digital performance management technology provider? With Dynatrace application and infrastructure monitoring tools you can:

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