IIS troubleshooting

What is IIS troubleshooting?

IIS troubleshooting refers to the process of isolating and diagnosing performance problems in Microsoft IIS Server. IIS is one of the most popular web servers in the world today and is chosen because of its robust feature set and flexibility, which makes it suitable for hosting a wide range of web applications.

With a vendor-neutral web server monitoring tool, instead of juggling multiple IIS, Nginx, or Apache monitoring tools, you can leverage one simple tool to monitor and manage the performance of all of your web servers and accelerate IIS troubleshooting and other time-consuming tasks.

Availability monitoring using Web checks

IIS troubleshooting: Methods and tools

Generally, the first step in IIS troubleshooting will be to try and reproduce and observe the error or problem. Then, built-in monitoring tools are typically used to gather information for IIS troubleshooting: to display server performance metrics, view running worker processes and currently executing requests, trace failed requests, and examine entries in relevant log files.

Built-in IIS troubleshooting tools are useful for monitoring resource consumption, for memory leak detection, and for identifying certain kinds of problems. But they can also generate a lot of unnecessary data or overly detailed results, which are difficult to decipher without an event log analyzer or other type of tool. Fortunately, there is an easier way for busy system architects and operations teams to carry out IIS troubleshooting tasks: Dynatrace.

A full-stack APM tool like Dynatrace allows you to continuously monitor the health and performance of your web servers. In addition to eliminating the need for manual debugging, it enables you to collect and visualize key metrics as well as baseline performance and receive alerts when anomalies are detected. Instead of having to pore over more data, you get actionable information to expedite troubleshooting, maximize throughput, and boost resource usage efficiency.

Find the root-cause of performance problems in minutes, from poorly executing code, to redundant DB queries, to memory leaks or architectural bottlenecks.

Expedite IIS troubleshooting and other web server performance management tasks

Dynatrace is an innovative unified monitoring solution allowing you to monitor not only your web servers but all services, processes, and infrastructure involved in the delivery of your web, mobile, and cloud applications. Once installed on your hosts, Dynatrace OneAgent automatically detects and monitors all services, methods, and database statements running on your servers, providing you with deep visibility into the performance and health of each and every component in your tech stack.

To accelerate IIS troubleshooting and tasks such as JVM profiling and Java performance tuning, Dynatrace offers you continuous application, service, and infrastructure monitoring (including Linux performance monitoring), intelligent and timely alerts, AI-powered root cause analysis, and an intuitive real-time visualization of your entire tech stack from end to end.

Our Smartscape visualization technology shows you the connections between your web requests, web service calls, web servers, and application servers. From pre-configured dashboards, access all requests, response times, response sizes, active threads, system performance metrics, and meta-information for your IIS servers alongside details about network traffic, throughput, and more.

Dynatrace is suitable for the widest range of technologies out-of-the-box and for applications on the web, in the cloud, or in your data center. So whether it's IIS troubleshooting, Java troubleshooting, or Citrix troubleshooting, we have you covered.

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