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The demands and pressures around IT infrastructure monitoring are growing. On the one hand, applications and underlying infrastructures have become more complex and heterogeneous, and prone to rapid change. On the other hand, businesses are more dependent than ever on the performance of applications, and with that has come pressure to understand precisely how infrastructure relates to application performance and to key business metrics. Traditional infrastructure monitoring tools such as the utilities native to particular server and application technologies fall well short of meeting these modern infrastructure monitoring challenges.

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Why Dynatrace infrastructure monitoring is different

Dynatrace is a unified user experience, application, and infrastructure monitoring toolset used by thousands of businesses including many leading e-commerce, financial services, and technology companies. Dynatrace infrastructure monitoring stands out for its:

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Infrastructure monitoring for cloud and hybrid environments

Dynatrace application and infrastructure monitoring supports all leading IaaS and PaaS clouds such as AWS, Azure, and OpenShift, and also includes tools for monitoring private cloud infrastructures (such as OpenStack monitoring tools). Dynatrace delivers automated mapping, monitoring, and troubleshooting of private, hybrid, or public cloud environments, to optimize application performance and maximize your return on your cloud investment. For initiatives that migrate on-premise applications to the cloud, Dynatrace cloud migration tools make it easy to compare before-and-after performance of applications and key business transactions.

Dynatrace itself is available as a self-service, pay-for-use SaaS cloud, or as a managed on-premise system.

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