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INAIL adopts Dynatrace to offer citizen-friendly digital services

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With Dynatrace, we gain comprehensive, end-to-end visibility into all applications and infrastructure components, which simplifies the process of identifying critical elements and monitoring database performance from an application standpoint.
Maurizio Figliomeni
Head of INAIL’s Office of Service Certification and Monitoring, INAIL


  • Nonprofit public organization that manages compulsory insurance against work accidents and diseases
  • Has 9,000 employees, 42 central and regional directorates
  • Manages more than 350 core processes, 368 business services, and 270 applications


  • Public Sector

Story Snapshot

Deep observability of the hybrid cloud environment and the entire application stack supporting all digital services
Resolution of issues within an hour of identification
Visibility and understanding of user digital experience
Better collaboration between Service Control Room and Dev and ITOps teams

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The public entity that protects workers uses the platform’s features to ensure digital services are always on and working perfectly

INAIL (Istituto nazionale Assicurazione Infortuni sul Lavoro / National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) is a nonprofit public organization that manages compulsory insurance against work accidents and diseases, accident prevention policies, economic health benefits to the injured, and research activities. It currently has 9,000 employees, 42 central and regional directorates, and manages more than 350 processes, 368 business services, and 270 applications.

The Central Directorate for Digital Organization (DCOD) within the Institute is tasked with overseeing organizational innovation, IT systems, telematics relations, and the advancement of technological tools to re-engineer production processes, with the aim of efficiently integrating organizational change and digital innovation to benefit all services within the Institute.

The digital transformation journey that the Institute has embarked on in the last few years has seen the introduction and increasing adoption of services based on IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud models. Some of the main services delivered by the Institute have undergone re-engineering and migration from traditional on-premise infrastructure to cloud environments (in pure or hybrid mode).

INAIL’s Service Control Room has used the Dynatrace platform since 2018. Initially tested on a subset of applications and services, it was gradually extended to the Institute’s entire application stack. The solution covers Application Performance Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring, Digital Experience Monitoring, and AIOps.

Thanks to shared access to the platform, the Dev team is able to analyze the application code, identifying lines that generate errors and exporting the entire monitoring session. This facilitates and speeds up incident analysis and resolution activities. Native Dynatrace features for monitoring and management of digital experience ensure a full understanding of the user experience while browsing INAIL’s site.

With the Dynatrace platform, we are able to prevent many anomalies, and we have significantly reduced the time to diagnose issues, which are now resolved within about an hour of their identification. This is a considerable achievement that helps us minimize disruption to users. This enables us to increase the service availability and gives us visibility into performance in terms of availability and response time to communicate to the business
Maurizio Figliomeni
Head of INAIL’s Office of Service Certification and Monitoring, INAIL

Further expansion of Dynatrace’s functional coverage of application security and log management is planned for 2023.

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