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Enterprise-Class APMaaS Made Easy

Enterprise-class APM has never been easier — or more powerful. Dynatrace’s latest release combines real user monitoring with the Gomez Performance Network to create the industry’s only complete User Experience Management solution. And best of all, it’s available as an on-demand cloud service (APMaaS) for fast and easy deployment.

Redefining User Experience Management

Modern applications require modern APM, and the traditional, piecemeal approach to User Experience Management just doesn’t solve today’s problems. For the first time, Dynatrace has made true user experience management a reality by bringing together Real User Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, third party monitoring, and business impact analysis in a powerful, unified cloud platform.

Effortless cloud APM

Complex configuration, expensive dedicated infrastructure, and large implementation projects are par for the course for cloud APM, right? Not with Dynatrace. DynatraceaaS is designed for fast time to value - see data in minutes and solve performance challenges in hours. Automatic discovery of your application components and dependencies eliminates tedious configuration and set up. Intelligent performance baselines are generated instantly. And informative, customizable dashboards — designed by practitioners for practitioners - are available right out of the box.

Not just real users, all users

Many companies say they offer real user monitoring, but buyers beware. Other tools must resort to sampling due to their architecture and scalability limitations, dramatically reducing their ability to diagnose problems and forcing application support teams to waste time trying to replicate problems before they can be fixed. Dynatrace’s highly scalable architecture designed for complete application lifecycle management captures 100% of transactions in production with negligible overhead, on all browsers and all devices, 24x7.

The magic of PurePath

Capturing every transaction is only half the story. With PurePath Technology®, DynatraceaaS automatically maps and records transaction details across application tiers in the data center, the cloud, and at the browser. Instantly see how much time the servers, network, cloud, and browsers contribute to overall transaction performance for every user, every time. Once a performance challenge has been identified, PurePath provides full playback of every visit enabling you to instantly identify problem root cause down to the line of code or infrastructure component.

User visit analytics

DynatraceaaS is the only solution which aggregates transactions into user “visits”, giving you the ability to single out individual users and monitor their activity and behavior through an entire interaction (including client-side AJAX and JavaScript user actions that other solutions miss). This creates a rich data set that radically increases your knowledge of who is using your application, and how they are interacting with it, not to mention detailed metrics about their experience every step of the way. Now you can resolve user complaints in minutes by pulling up their exact session and determining what went wrong, and why.

Understand the impact of application performance on the business

Our smart analytics and customizable dashboards bring to life extensive user experience metrics, providing deep and actionable visibility into site visits and user behavior. Measure the impact of user experience on key business metrics like revenue by transaction, conversions, entry/exit pages and bounce rates and immediately identify who is impacted by problems and their root cause.

Faster answers

The new Analytics along with the big data engines brings together internet intelligence and customer’s web operations context to provide actionable answers, faster than ever before. Accelerate the investigation on a specific web performance or availability issue with instant problem detection and root cause analysis. Leverage the collective intelligence to proactively detect and manage shared Internet service provider outages and pinpoint the impact of their degradation of service on your user experience, in real time and through an intuitive interface.

Eliminate performance black holes

Monitor and analyze the performance of third-party services and components, and their impact on overall site performance. DynatraceaaS automatically discovers every third-party dependency, and shows you how much each is contributing to the quality of your end user experience. Now you can identify the source of a problem, no matter whether it’s in your code, or theirs!

Synthetic monitoring 2.0

The best cloud-based Synthetic Monitoring for Web and Mobile just got better. Building on the largest and most accurate web testing network on the planet, Synthetic Monitoring for Web and Mobile is now linked directly to Real User Monitoring and PurePath. Now you can drill from a synthetic test right into a PurePath to quickly diagnose the root cause of any performance issue. Tune your synthetic transactions based on Real User interactions, gaining visibility into the performance and availability of your most critical transactions, so you can proactively find problems before your customers do.

Unified user experience management platform

Imagine being able to manage, analyze, and report on all of your Synthetic and Real User Monitoring - across web, mobile web, and mobile native applications - within a single integrated portal. Improve customer insight with new configurable reports and with the addition of Last Mile test management. Create multiple tests at the same time, choose browsers, type of test you want to create, pick one or more scripts and enter one or more URLs.

PHP support

Application Monitoring for PHP gives you deep visibility into PHP applications from the browser all the way to the backend database, with the ability to drill into the line of code for any performance issue, any time. Accelerate application developmentand testing cycles, so you can innovate faster and more confidently, with more frequent releases of the applications that drive your business. The Zend® development framework and MySQL database are also supported. With DynatraceaaS, deep Application Monitoring for PHP is now available in a cloud-based service, eliminating costly infrastructure and saving time.

Much, much more!

This release of DynatraceaaS has scores of additional improvements including broader support for new application services and browsers, an upgraded native mobile monitoring solution, enhanced AJAX and other framework support, SPDY and multimedia format support, and W3C Navigation Timing for improved browser visibility.

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