What is application performance monitoring?

While companies pursue digital transformation to stay competitive, developers are under pressure to create better applications faster—new digital offerings that wow demanding users and keep them engaged. Business leaders are also under pressure. Line-of-business managers must find ways to measure digital success: to determine how to best engage their customers with online or mobile offerings and make smarter digital investment decisions.

Both teams can leverage application monitor tools to meet consumer demand for innovative digital products and services—delivering high-performance, high-value applications with confidence—and ensure positive user experiences that foster customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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What is application performance monitoring? APM for development teams

Defining what is application performance monitoring (APM) will differ depending upon whether you assume the perspective of developers or of business leaders. For developers and operations staff, APM (see also what is APM) involves using software monitoring tools to:

For developers asking what is application performance monitoring, it may be said that APM provides them first and foremost with visibility into the entire application architecture or production environment—including third-party components and external services—as well as insight into user behavior. APM helps development teams find and fix potential bottlenecks in the application delivery chain and discover ways to enhance the user experience.

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What is application performance monitoring? APM for business leaders

For business leaders on the other hand, the advantages of APM may not be as obvious. Investigating what is application performance monitoring online leads one to information mostly focused on the technical aspects of APM rather its business benefits. But the fact is that sales and marketing teams, for example, can benefit just as much from APM as IT teams. APM tools can be used not just to monitor application performance but more crucially, digital business performance and the customer experience.

With the right solution, line-of-business managers can monitor critical stages of the sales funnel, finding ways to optimize the customer journey to boost customer satisfaction and conversion rates. An APM solution can help them track business-relevant metrics and better understand how the performance of their digital offerings contributes to their bottom line.

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