Unified monitoring

As companies continue to adopt technologies like cloud and mobile computing, data center networks and application architectures are becoming increasingly complex. Meanwhile, IT departments are under pressure to eliminate costly service interruptions and deliver glitch-free user experiences to both employees and customers. In order to handle the challenges presented by today’s service delivery environments and ensure the availability and performance of business-critical applications and infrastructure, some firms are choosing to leverage unified monitoring solutions.

A unified monitoring solution like Dynatrace redefines what is application performance monitoring for modern IT ecosystems, bringing together network, infrastructure, and software monitoring tools. Unified monitoring solutions help you overcome the complexities of today’s highly dynamic, hybrid, and heterogeneous IT environments by giving you a complete picture of the entire application delivery ecosystem. Only a unified monitoring solution can detect and isolate the root cause of issues anywhere—whether in your application, the database, or a third-party component or service.

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The benefits of using a unified monitoring solution

A unified monitoring solution integrates application, network, and infrastructure monitoring to provide a centralized and complete view of all components and services involved in the delivery of an IT service or application. By monitoring the behavior and experience of end users as well as the performance and availability of applications, databases, networks, data centers—including physical and virtual components—and even components in the cloud, unified monitoring gives you an end-to-end view of IT service delivery. From a single platform and consistent UI, all of your teams can monitor and manage the performance and user experience of the applications you depend on.

Unified monitoring solutions redefine APM (see what is application performance management) for DevOps-minded teams and enterprises in the midst of digital transformation, helping you:

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Dynatrace: An intelligent unified monitoring solution for digital performance management

Available as an on-premises, SaaS, or managed deployment, Dynatrace is a full-stack digital performance management solution that integrates seamlessly with dynamic and hybrid IT environments. Featuring our patented PurePath technology and Smartscape visualizations, Dynatrace automatically detects dependencies within your application stack, providing you with a real-time view of all components and processes in your application infrastructure and letting you drill down for granular transaction-level detail.

Dynatrace offers the most comprehensive set of monitoring and application analytics capabilities including real user and synthetic monitoring tools for web applications and database performance monitoring tools including MySQL and PostgreSQL monitoring tools. Employing AI-powered big data analytics, Dynatrace detects anomalies and identifies the root cause of performance issues proactively, helping your teams take action effectively and quickly—before your users or your business are affected.

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