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Most websites, web applications, and mobile apps today integrate multiple third-party APIs and components to provide users with added functionality and engaging features. As the number of third-party services involved in the delivery of an application increases however, managing the performance and availability of application components becomes more crucial and more complicated.

With an increase in third-party service usage, the risk for errors, outages, and slow response times is elevated. Service availability monitoring, or monitoring the availability and responsiveness of server-side and third-party services, is essential for managing the performance of your websites and web applications. With the right availability monitoring and end user performance monitoring tools, service availability monitoring can help you track and better understand the availability and performance impact of third-party elements on application performance, the user experience, and your business.

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Implementing service availability monitoring through synthetic transaction monitoring

The easiest and most effective way to implement service availability monitoring is through the use of synthetic transaction monitoring tools, also known as synthetic web application testing tools. Synthetic monitoring tools utilize pre-recorded behavioral scripts to simulate user interactions, or synthetic transactions, with an application while collecting detailed performance and availability metrics. Because these tools monitor transactions flowing across the application delivery chain—including all service calls, back-end as well as third-party—they offer visibility into the entire service delivery environment, enabling end-to-end application and service availability monitoring.

Tools like Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring are ideal for web application availability monitoring and third-party service availability monitoring, allowing you to:

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Proactive application and service availability monitoring with Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring empowers your teams to carry out proactive application and service availability monitoring and ensure the functionality and user experience of your websites, web applications, and mobile apps. Integrating AI-powered automated application dependency detection, smart baselining, and software analytics tools, Dynatrace doesn’t just alert you to problems. Our solution automatically detects and analyzes availability and performance issues anywhere in your application delivery environment, providing you with actionable root cause analysis of the problem.

Moreover, by combining our synthetic monitoring and browser monitoring tools, your teams can obtain a holistic picture of your application’s performance and a better understanding of the impact of availability issues on your end users and your bottom line. Knowing when, how many, and which of your users are affected by specific problems allows you to prioritize improvement efforts and guarantee that your most important customers are never disappointed with your service.

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