Server performance monitoring tools

Server performance monitoring tools enable you to capture and analyze performance data from your servers that are running applications, databases, and other software and services. The monitored data and corresponding analyses help you to understand the health of your servers so that you can identify and anticipate any performance problems that may impact the applications that run on them. Doing so minimizes negative impact to user experience and improves customer satisfaction and retention. For example, MySQL monitoring tools capture SQL query performance as well as CPU and memory consumption by MySQL servers. This data enables you to identify any application performance bottlenecks that are caused by slow MySQL server performance or inefficient SQL queries.

Many server performance monitoring tools in the market focus on a specific server platform or technology. For example, Linux server monitoring tools allow you to monitor servers running the Linux operating system only. You need separate tools for monitoring other operating system servers and database servers.

By contrast, Dynatrace offers integrated server performance monitoring tools that cover all major operating systems, application platforms, and databases. Dynatrace's unified solution also includes support for monitoring cloud services and containerized services, as well as VMware performance tools for monitoring virtualized environments. Dynatrace's full-stack monitoring capabilities allow you to deploy integrated solutions and tools meet all your digital performance management needs through a single pane of glass.

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Auto-discover infrastructure topology with Dynatrace's server performance monitoring tools

Dynatrace's server monitoring tools incorporate technology to auto-discover your infrastructure. In less than five minutes, Dynatrace can capture and display real-time CPU, memory, and network health data down to the process level for each server. This includes any virtual machines as they are deployed. You do not need to manually configure Dynatrace to find your servers and their dependencies. Dynatrace's server performance monitoring tools automatically provides a visual map of how all your servers and dependencies are interconnected through the network in your application stack. You can quickly and easily see how server, network, and application performance affects user requests.

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Capture database performance with Dynatrace's server performance monitoring tools

Databases are critical infrastructure components in application stacks, and their performance directly impacts application performance and corresponding user experience. Standalone D performance monitoring tools are available to capture rudimentary database performance metrics such as database server process metrics. These tools do not provide contextual insight into your application's database activities. Dynatrace's server performance monitoring tools, however, enable you to capture and analyze all of your application's database activities delivering visibility into the performance of individual SQL and NoSQL statements.

Using Dynatrace, you can easily find slow query statements, understand why they are slow, and receive notifications for statements that have increased costs and execution. With Dynatrace's DB monitoring tools features, you can obtain a visualization of what is running in each database instance in real-time. For example, you can see the number of active sessions, top wait states that a database instance is waiting upon, disk I/O, and CPU usage. With the database performance metrics captured and collated by Dynatrace, you can identify and correct inefficient query statements and tune your database for optimal operation.

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