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Enterprises that use software applications in support of operations, marketing, and sales benefit by using server monitoring tools to monitor the performance of servers running these applications. These server monitoring tools enable enterprises to continuously monitor and manage the health of individual servers. When these tools are used with other performance monitoring tools such as application and DB monitoring tools, a more complete picture of how performance is impacting user experience can be obtained.

Legacy server monitoring tools, while not without value, have had substantial limitations. Legacy server monitoring tools only capture performance data at the server level such as CPU workload and memory consumption by operating system processes. They do not capture application performance metrics that are essential for detecting and troubleshooting application-specific performance problems. They also typically do not support new technologies such as virtualization, containers, and cloud platforms.

For comprehensive monitoring of your entire application stack, look beyond traditional server monitoring tools to next-generation digital performance management solutions from Dynatrace. Dynatrace provides end-to-end system performance monitoring to ensure that your applications meet and exceed availability and performance specifications to satisfy user experience requirements. Dynatrace’s integrated server monitoring tools also support the monitoring of servers and applications in virtual and cloud environments.

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Use integrated application and server monitoring tools from Dynatrace to maximize performance

Dynatrace is the market leader in APM technology and solutions. Its extensive APM toolset provides monitoring and analytical technology that delivers deep insights into performance problems and their root causes. Dynatrace automatically discovers your applications, servers, and their dependencies. Its server monitoring tools auto-detect your servers’ CPUs, memory, and processes in under five minutes to begin capturing performance data. Manual configuration for monitoring setup is not required. Dynatrace’s server performance monitoring tools are the only unified digital performance management tools in the market that can capture process-specific network metrics.

Dynatrace also features tools for monitoring leading application platform technologies, such as Java and .NET monitor tools. These platform-specific tools enable you to capture and drill down to code-level performance metrics such as method execution time. This allows you to find performance bottlenecks caused by inefficient code. These application platform monitoring tools together with server monitoring tools equip you to fully evaluate and improve the performance of your applications.

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Monitor virtual and cloud environments with server monitoring tools from Dynatrace

Dynatrace’s monitoring tools are designed and equipped to monitor virtual and cloud environments. Dynatrace auto-detects and monitors virtual machines as they are deployed. Environment-specific monitoring tools such as VMware performance tools are available from Dynatrace to capture environment-specific data such as vMotion events.

Dynatrace also monitors cloud environments out-of-the-box. It supports monitoring of microservices and enables visibility into containers from your application’s perspective without requiring special configurations. With Dynatrace’s server monitoring tools, you can quickly and easily gain insight into and understand how your application is deployed across cloud instances in real-time within your dynamic infrastructure.

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