Business application monitoring

Several factors have combined to elevate business application monitoring as a strategic concern for today’s enterprises. Enterprise software applications have become essential to the conduct of daily business operations. At the same time, those applications have grown more complex and opaque, typically spanning multiple architectural tiers, data centers, and geographies. Compounding the business application monitoring challenge, business applications are changing more rapidly than ever as virtualization and private cloud service models have ushered in a new era of IT agility.

Because business application monitoring is both technically challenging and critical to business success, leading enterprises are choosing Dynatrace as their application performance management (APM) solutions provider. The Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in APM for several years running, Dynatrace powers performance management for tens of thousands of applications for more than 5000 organizations worldwide.

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Why Dynatrace is the Leading Business Application Monitoring Solution

Dynatrace offers businesses and public sector organizations key features that make the Dynatrace solution the clear best choice for business application monitoring:

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Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

Business Application Monitoring for Today’s IT Environments

While traditional enterprise applications backed by relational databases are still predominant, today’s business applications are increasingly making use of “big data” and NoSQL storage layers – particularly in the areas of business intelligence, customer relationship management, and micro-marketing. No one delivers business application monitoring visibility across big data frontiers like Dynatrace. Dynatrace’s Application Monitoring solution supports application health monitoring for applications that leverage NoSQL big data storage tiers—such as Cassandra, HBase, or MongoDB monitoring—as well as monitoring of Hadoop big data analytics environments. With Dynatrace, your enterprise can launch big data initiatives with confidence, and ensure that big data driven business applications are delivering maximum return on investment.


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