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For any organization, application performance monitoring tools (APM tools) increase the ROI on web applications especially those that execute critical business transactions. When web applications are not effectively monitored, performance issues are not detected and addressed promptly, resulting in user frustration, site abandonment, and lost revenues. Dynatrace offers a comprehensive suite of APM tools that empower operations, development, and product management teams to work together to maximize the performance and business value of web applications.

Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

Dynatrace application performance monitoring tools optimize DevOps

Application performance monitoring tools from Dynatrace enable technical teams in an organization to collaborate and work more effectively with each other and also with third-party vendors. With better collaboration between development, testing, and production teams, performance analysis can be automated throughout the application lifecycle making applications more reliable and stable. User experience issues can be discovered and resolved before they impact users. Dynatrace application performance monitoring tools aid DevOps teams in the following ways:

  • For development, Dynatrace integrates seamlessly with many popular IDEs and build tools enabling development to be performance-driven. Application architecture can be validated promptly with auto-generated UML sequence and dynamic transaction flow diagrams, and different builds can be compared easily for regression detection. Conventional environment-specific tools like PHP monitoring and Java monitoring tools provide support only for their niche environments, but Dynatrace application performance monitoring tools provide multi-environment support for popular platforms used by DevOps teams including Java, PHP, and .NET.
  • For testing, web application monitoring tools from Dynatrace can be supplemented with Dynatrace synthetic testing services to analyze web and mobile performance from dispersed global locations mimicking where real users are. Dynatrace application performance monitoring tools capture and compare response times, code executions, errors, and database performance to identify bottlenecks and hotspots before applications progress to production. Automation of labor-intensive test processes accelerates test cycles leading to higher productivity. For example, automatic regression detection compares differences between development and production builds at the code level so that new versions can be deployed quickly.
  • For production, Dynatrace application performance monitoring tools provide full end-to-end visibility into transaction flows from browsers and mobile devices to web servers, application servers, messaging middleware, databases, and third-party services. For distributed environments, inter-tier timings are automatically generated in real-time. Baselines can be established, and root causes of performance problems can be detected quickly. User sessions are recorded and can be used to communicate problem contexts to the relevant teams for resolution.

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The customizable dashboard shows all important facts of your Java web application in one spot

Application Performance monitoring tools from Dynatrace Enhance User Analytics

Performance monitoring tools from Dynatrace provide real-time insight into user activity, at per user and per interaction level across all channels (for example, desktop browser, phone or tablet app). With end-to-end transaction monitoring, each user interaction is captured together with the corresponding application processing. Insight into users with respect to application performance is thus presented from the user's perspective. With this information, user patterns can be studied to predict trends and prepare for them in order to maintain user experience at the highest high quality.

Application performance monitoring tools can give you an overview of performance issues

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