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Applications that are deployed over the Internet face numerous performance challenges. Organizations that deploy these applications have to invest in tools and solutions to mitigate these challenges, in order to keep pace with – or preferably outpace – the competition. One solution that is key for improving application performance is the application performance monitor. This solution facilitates the capturing and collection of performance data for analysis and troubleshooting. Hence, it is a vital component of any comprehensive application management service.

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Java and .NET application performance monitor solutions from Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a market leader in application performance monitoring software and services, offering turnkey solutions for performance management of applications that execute in heterogeneous environments including the Web and mobile networks. Dynatrace’s solutions provide application performance monitor functionality for numerous application platforms including Java and .NET.

Java and .NET monitoring is performed by Dynatrace Application Monitoring which leverages patented PurePath Technology® to perform end-to-end transactional tracing. PurePath captures all runtime transactional activity from Java and .NET applications including deep details such as method invocations, arguments, and SQL statements. Performance data from all user interactions leading to execution through application and middleware tiers to the infrastructure back-end is captured to enable the root-cause of each performance issue to be discovered easily and quickly. PurePath is a powerful technology that sets Dynatrace’s .NET and Java performance monitoring tools apart from less-capable systems from other vendors.

Dynatrace’s application performance monitor solutions also include Dynatrace Data Center RUM which monitors performance of enterprise applications and network elements in the data center. It supports monitoring of workloads in SAP, Oracle, Citrix, IBM MQ, and others. Dynatrace Data Center RUM works with Dynatrace Application Monitoring to enable correlated application and network performance analysis across an organization’s entire application portfolio. Together they provide a contextual single lens view of user experience measurements with application, infrastructure, and network performance. These features position Dynatrace Application Monitoring and Dynatrace Data Center RUM as invaluable Java application performance monitoring tools for Java performance analysis and justify Dynatrace’s reputation as a trail-blazer in Java APM solutions.

Dynatrace application performance monitor solutions improve productivity

One of the key benefits of an advanced application performance monitor solution is increased all-round productivity. With better performing applications, users become more productive as do data centers and DevOps teams.

With Dynatrace APM solutions, MTTR to resolve application performance issues is reduced greatly. With the ability to monitor application performance at the code level as well as at the network and infrastructure levels, Dynatrace APM solutions allow performance hot spots to be seen and resolved quickly. Additionally, Dynatrace application performance monitor solutions auto-model applications and auto-discover transactions thereby reducing or eliminating any configuration or set up required to instrument each application for performance monitoring.

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