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Application performance metrics are crucial for determining whether an application is performing acceptably. The practice of gathering and analyzing these metrics belongs to the domain of digital performance management which utilizes technologies such as application, network, and server monitoring tools to collect and collate performance data. By providing comprehensive monitoring through the entire application stack, the right digital performance management solution provides you with comprehensive application performance metrics for insights into how user experience is impacted by application, infrastructure, and network performance.

Performance monitoring and analysis can be integrated into development cycles to improve code quality in the delivery pipeline. For example, Java monitoring tools can be integrated with Java programming tools to ensure that better quality Java code is delivered during continuous integration and delivery cycles. This can be augmented with Linux server monitoring tools to provide coverage at the system and host level for Java applications and databases running on Linux hosts.

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Dynatrace artificial intelligence analyzes application performance metrics for actionable insights

The most technologically advanced digital performance management solution in the market is available from Dynatrace. Dynatrace incorporates big data, machine learning, and predictive analytics into its application performance analyzer technology. Dynatrace applies contextual artificial intelligence algorithms and analytics for automatic application mapping, performance baselining, detection of anomalies, and root-cause analysis. Application performance metrics captured by technology and platform-specific tools from Dynatrace, such as JVM profiling tools, are examined by these algorithms and analyzed for actionable insights that help you keep your applications performing at the highest levels.

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Use Dynatrace application performance metrics to minimize MTTR and increase application availability

Dynatrace digital performance monitoring offers you powerful innovations that help your team deliver and maintain high-availability applications:

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