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As more applications are delivered over the Internet through its many channels, software to manage the performance of applications plays a large role in ensuring that these applications meet their intended business goals. Without using application performance management software, applications may become slow and unusable, and user retention is negatively impacted leading to lost revenue.

With technology advancing every day, application performance management software faces the challenge of maintaining compatibility with the latest application platforms and architectures. Many performance monitoring solutions in the APM market provide narrow support and compatibility with the latest application platforms and environments. As a market-leader in application performance management software tools and solutions, Dynatrace provides comprehensive support for the latest application platforms and environments. Dynatrace solutions include Java application monitoring tools and .NET performance monitoring tools for monitoring today’s distributed web applications, as well as Linux performance monitoring) tools and Citrix monitoring tools geared toward the enterprise data center. With this support, Dynatrace is the ideal vendor to manage the performance of applications across entire organizations that use disparate application delivery platforms.

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Monitor key business transactions with Dynatrace application performance management software

Dynatrace provides the insight business owners need. Concurrently, Dynatrace delivers deep transactional detail to DevOps to manage application performance and ensure stability and consistent ROI. Dynatrace application performance management software monitors each transaction to capture transactional context information from method arguments, web service calls, and SQL queries. All activity from the beginning to the end of each transaction is captured to understand every user’s click path through to conversion or abandonment.

At the same time, end-to-end performance metrics accelerate any triage tasks for problem resolution. For example, response times from a user’s browser are monitored to identify problems along the last mile while execution times of application components and database queries are used to trace problems in the data center. Using Dynatrace application performance management software, transaction activity is traced from user interaction through application and middleware tiers to backend databases and other infrastructure tiers including tiers in virtual and cloud environments. Dynatrace provides true end-to-end application performance management solutions.

Outpace the competition with Dynatrace application performance management software

Dynatrace meets and exceeds challenging application performance management requirements that are inherent in today’s complex applications. Traditional and some existing app performance monitoring solutions provide rudimentary and disparate snapshots of application components. They capture high-level metrics of components in single tiers but do not have the capability to view across the entire application delivery chain within the scope of individual transactions.

Some application performance management software only provide coverage in the web tier by monitoring traffic between users and the application front-end ignoring infrastructure components like databases and third-party services. These approaches do not provide end-to-end visibility for business transactions. They do not capture full business insight into application behavior and whether applications meet service level targets for each user.

With Dynatrace you can achieve full end-to-end application transaction monitoring, helping to ensure a superior user experience and a leg up on your competitors in the battle for user loyalty.

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