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Organizations that deploy applications to conduct critical business transactions typically monitor their applications’ performance with technology-specific tools like VMware performance tools or MySQL monitoring tools to ensure that applications perform according to requirements. However, performance problems are often complex and difficult to detect and identify. To detect and get to the root of performance problems, you can use an application performance analyzer. An application performance analyzer evaluates performance data captured by monitoring tools to identify anomalies that indicate possible performance issues. These issues can then be mitigated before they impact your customers and users.

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Automate root cause analysis with Dynatrace’s application performance analyzer

Dynatrace, the leader in digital performance management, provides the most advanced application monitoring solutions in the market. Dynatrace also offers the most technologically sophisticated application analytics tools available delivering AI-driven application performance analyzer functionality for automated root cause analysis. Using Dynatrace, you can effectively detect, identify, and resolve performance problems before they impact your customers. Moreover, through integration with continuous integration and delivery tools such as Java programming tools, Dynatrace enables you to detect performance problems and their root causes early in the application delivery chain.

Performance problems are complex and often not isolated. Dynatrace artificial intelligence automatically discovers and maps dependencies between all your application components and services across all tiers. Dynatrace’s application performance analyzer examines events occurring across all these dependencies in combination with captured application performance metrics to precisely identify the root cause of any performance problems. Pairing big data with artificial intelligence, the Dynatrace’s application performance analyzer saves your team from arduous analysis and troubleshooting work and allows you to focus instead on promptly rectifying the problem.

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Reduce MTTR with Dynatrace’s application performance analyzer

For applications that transact critical business operations, any down time can affect an organization’s bottom line adversely. Dynatrace’s application performance analyzer technology reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) for performance problems by 90% or more.

Dynatrace utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to detect any anomalies in baseline performance through an application’s full stack. All application dependencies are covered by Dynatrace’s application performance analyzer including those in microservice containers as well as cloud and virtual environments. The algorithms prioritize each problem based on severity and determine the root cause of each problem. You can then replay the evolution of each problem visually watching the behavior of an application and its dependencies as the problem manifests through the application stack. You can also get additional data from Dynatrace application log monitoring which allows you to search and filter through the log files of all application components.

From the replay, you can clearly see the causal relationships within an application and how the root cause is resulting in performance issues. This understanding helps you to devise effective solutions to performance problems quickly thereby substantially reducing MTTR.

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