Application monitor tools

What are application monitor tools?

Application monitor tools are essential for businesses in application-driven industries. Many companies now depend on applications to automate and streamline critical workflows ranging from logistics to customer relations management. When applications aren’t functioning properly, business is negatively impacted. Employee productivity and the customer experience suffer. Software monitoring tools enable IT operations teams to mitigate these risks: to more effectively monitor application performance and quickly diagnose application performance issues.

With the right set of application monitor tools, organizations can obtain greater visibility into the application delivery environment, allowing them to isolate, understand, and resolve problems fast.

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Using application monitor tools in the enterprise

When it comes to the enterprise environment, not all application monitor tools will provide sufficient capabilities for managing the performance of critical business applications. Typically, what customers refer to as application monitor tools are solutions that fall under the rubric of application performance management (APM). However, because the answer to the question "What is APM?" may differ widely by vendor and product, many organizations find it difficult to determine what capabilities they really need.

In fact, many agent-based APM or application monitor tools don’t provide support for complex, multi-tier architectures. Enterprise-wide applications require enterprise-wide monitoring capabilities. Agent-based application monitor tools are useful for identifying the code-level cause of individual slow transactions but lack the perspective necessary for managing the overall service quality of corporate applications—the performance of which is dependent on various custom components and interconnected system infrastructure.

Passive network probe-based APM offers deep-dive network analysis and comprehensive visibility into every tier of the data center, enabling IT operations teams to monitor and manage the performance and availability of highly customized enterprise applications. With agentless application monitor tools, organizations can implement real-time monitoring of all relevant components and services, helping teams identify and fix bottlenecks anywhere in the application delivery chain.

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Combining agent-based and probe-based application monitor tools for comprehensive digital performance management

At Dynatrace, we continue to ask ourselves and our experts what is application performance management in the context of the enterprise: to reevaluate and redefine what APM should be and can do for the modern enterprise.

We believe that our comprehensive approach to APM—seamlessly integrating all types of monitoring including network probe-based APM (Data Center Real User Monitoring), agent-based APM (Application Monitoring), synthetic transaction monitoring, and database performance monitoring—allows our clients to overcome the limitations of other application monitor tools. Offering you full-stack monitoring in a unified toolset, Dynatrace eliminates the need for disparate single-purpose tools and scripts and provides you with accurate, real-time visualizations showing you how application and infrastructure components interact and how the end user experience is affected.

With Dynatrace digital performance management, your teams are empowered to discover hotspots and bottlenecks in any tier of the enterprise application ecosystem and to proactively resolve issues before employee productivity or customer experience is adversely affected.

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